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Deciding to work, study or settle abroad is a life changing decision. Many people takes advices from friends or unreliable sources. Y-Path is a structured framework that makes you understand the right path.

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Why Study Abroad?

  • Access to quality education
  • Better career opportunities
  • Experience the native culture
  • International Travel
  • Thrive in multiculturalism

As per the QS Global employer survey, most employers value an international study experience. In this fast-changing world, to study abroad has become the top priority for ambitious talents. Because it helps to develop the required essential skill set which prepares you to face the toughest challenges and solve them creatively. Hence, an international experience in education has become a quintessential step to excel in the future workforce.

Study Overseas

Become an adaptable global contender by Studying Abroad!

Study Abroad fosters a global outlook by developing multiple skill sets like problem-solving, independent thinkers, and global awareness. It broadens the scope and open doors for different career opportunities. In fact, studying abroad helps you grow personally, build your network, develop new perspectives, become adaptable to new cultures and environments, and much more, which helps you navigate across any part of the world.

Many organizations consider study abroad as a highly reputable skill!

Studying Abroad gives you an enriching life experience that will help you stand out of the crowd. Experiencing the new international life will allow every student to discover and broaden the new horizon.

Study Abroad paves a path to excel in your life!

Study Abroad helps you to develop important aspects like:

  • Building important life skills and boosting self-confidence.
  • Gaining effectiveness with proper goal-setting.
  • Exposure and awareness of multi-cultural environments and adaptability to new environments.
  • Develops broader thinking ability by understanding and appreciating other perspectives and makes you achieve goals despite challenges.
  • Imparts greater focus on career perspectives with initiative and risk-taking.
  • Supports you to learn international dimensions as well as adaptability to a new culture.

Top Courses to Study Abroad

Choosing the right course plays a crucial role in Studying Abroad!

The first and foremost step in planning to Study Abroad is choosing the right course. Before taking this step, you have to explore the top courses to Study Abroad.

With the growing popularity among students, the number of students interested to Study Abroad

is increasing every year. Moreover, a lot of new courses are being introduced every year because of the flourishing career prospective.

Ask yourself before choosing the program to Study Abroad!

You must prepare a checklist of points before taking the big call, as it plays a pivotal role in choosing the study program.  These includes:

Checklist Main objective
What are my talents and strengths? Helps to succeed in the path you choose.
What are my interests? Gives an insight into career path.
What is my personality? A leader or a follower…
What are my values? Helps you decide what type of career to pursue. For instance if you choose financial security as your value, then you can choose a 9 to 5 job with work-life balance.
Which study program do I need? It depends upon your interests, time, and investment to make a decision. So, think wise before taking a decision for study program.
Which country offers the best in this study program? Make the list of top countries which offer the best, based on your study program.
Which university to choose? Choose from the top list of universities, considering the Professors, activities offered, and placements, etc.
What is the career prospective in my study program? After making a decision about the study program, it is very important to check the career prospective in abroad as well as in your home country.
What are the different ways to excel in this study program? Go through all the possibilities, because this will boost your interests and help you to excel accordingly.

If you are still indecisive about choosing the right path, Y-Axis is here to counsel and advice you.

Y-Path is the right path for taking a decisive step in your life. 

After deep and thorough research, our professionals have curated a list of top courses to study abroad by considering worldwide job trends. Bookmark yours right now!

We have listed the top courses to study for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Programs.

Undergraduate Study Programs

The Undergraduate Study Programs includes


Select a WHO recognized University to become a Global Doctor!

Study MBBS Abroad, sounds exciting right! Many countries are considered to be the best for pursuing MBBS. These are well-known for delivering not just economical options but providing high-quality education. MBBS in a foreign country promises better prospects to become a Global Doctor.


Pursue an Engineering program with global exposure!

Engineering programs are among the most popular following high school, with a wide range of subjects. If you want to pursue a degree in engineering, you might be wondering which country is the best to study. Every country has unique engineering courses, such as comprehensive programs or research-oriented courses.

Post-Graduate Study Programs

The Postgraduates Study Programs includes


Study MBA/PGDM Abroad to become a pro in strategic management!

MBA is one of the most popular courses, but it is important to consider the reasons for doing an MBA abroad as well as the type of university you will attend. Various factors need to be considered, including cost, post-study work options, and job prospects when deciding to do an MBA abroad. These factors, combined with the university’s reputation, can help open doors. As a result, it is critical to select a study location before applying.


Study MS abroad, the most sought-after course in this competitive world!

MS is one of the most popular courses for overseas students due to the weight that an MS degree carries on your resume. All of the world’s leading universities offer outstanding MS programs, which attract the brightest brains. However, this makes it much more difficult for students to choose their university. It is better to get expert advice when making your choice.


Doctorate your research globally!

A good Ph.D. should push the academic field’s boundaries. As a student, this can often entail moving out of the country, which is why millions of postgraduates opt to study Ph.D. abroad each year to find the greatest expertise and facilities for their doctoral research. For an international Ph.D., you’ll have a lot of options to select from your subject of interest.

Top Countries to Study Abroad

Are you a UAE expat and looking for the right destination to Study Abroad? Y-Axis is here to guide you in all the ways. Y-Axis is the most trusted study abroad educational consultant in shaping the student’s career by providing accurate information and well-researched advice that helps students choose the accurate path.

*Campus Ready Program, a Y-Axis initiative that counsels every student to navigate in the right direction during and after the study program. 

Below is the top list of countries to Study Abroad, which is a profound analysis of our professional front which assures a promising career for students seeking to Study Abroad.

The US

A home for Ivy League schools and top Universities across the globe!

The country provides a blend of opportunity, economy, and culture with a top-class education system in the world. Its universities are well-regarded, and the majority of them are listed in the QS world university rankings. It is the most secure country to study.

With over 4000 world-class colleges, the United States provides a diverse selection of academic degrees and courses. The United States of America has great programs for UAE students that are widely recognized for their excellence.

The UK

Tailor your study program with the world-renowned education system!

The United Kingdom is well-known as the world leader in most of the study programs ranging from UG to Ph.D. It allows you to tailor your study program based on your interests and needs. It has the greatest universities in the world.

In the United Kingdom, you can pursue your Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Or Doctoral levels. Undergraduate degrees can take one to four years to complete, Master’s degrees can take one to two years. Hence most of the UAE students choose the UK as one of the top destinations to study abroad.


A country that offers high-class education system!

Australia is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations. It motivates international students to learn more with its high-class education system. Hence the number of UAE students traveling to Australia is steadily increasing every year, and the country’s visa rules have been relaxed. This allows international students to pursue their education in top-notch universities.

Universities in Australia offer internationally recognized degrees, dynamic cities, student-friendly policies, and good living standards. Every year, many students travel to Australia to study at prestigious universities to gain insight into the best career prospects in the world.


Experience the high-quality education with a low tuition fee!

Germany is one of the most popular study locations in Europe, especially for UAE students. It is known as one of the most cost-effective study destination, with high-quality education. Its finest universities and colleges provides excellent education, charge only a minimal administration fee and other basic fees per semester. In the top 200 QS world university rankings, Germany has more than ten institutions. The UAE students have the option of choosing from over 350 universities that provide more than 800 courses.


The top country to access the higher quality teaching!  

Canada has become one of the most popular study destinations in recent years. The number of UAE students traveling to Canada for higher education has expanded dramatically. Canada’s education system is fantastic as it provides strong research and an excellent study experience. The country has low fees compared to the United States. International students have great access to a greater number of scholarships, as well as the ability to work part-time off-campus.

The country also offers lots of career outlook after education along with some great PR opportunities. Hence most of the students are opting for Canada as their prime destination for study abroad.


The country is a global leader in competitiveness and innovation!

Singapore is home to the world’s best Management Schools. As a result, Singapore is the popular study location for UAE students pursuing Management studies. These studies are very useful for UAE students because after pursuing studies, they can start their own businesses in their home country, which is a hub for setting up businesses.


A country that nurtures entrepreneurs and innovators for the future!

Do you know UAE itself has an education hub? Yes, Dubai is popularly known as the Education Hub as it provides excellent facilities in terms of education to locals and International Students. Many campuses in Dubai offers popular courses like Science, Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Aviation, Management, Business, Economics, Mass and Media, Computers and IT, Law, Natural Sciences, etc.

Availing degrees from Dubai Universities is globally recognized and highly reputed, which gives wide scope to career prospects within the country and globally. If you choose a highly in-demand course in Dubai, then you can opt for the course in the UAE itself, without migrating. For instance, Architecture is in high demand, programs in building construction and Interior Designing are very popular courses.

EU Countries

Experience the world-class education system and its expansive offerings in study programs!

Study in Europe provides a lot of opportunities for international students. The top countries to study in Europe includes Austria, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Finland.

Many of the universities are highly reputable with international rankings, which ensures students a good quality education for you to decide to study in Europe. Hence most of the UAE students opt to study in EU countries because of the affordability and world-class education system.


The country has first-rate education with a traditional, yet modern setting!

Ireland is the most popular destination to Study in Europe. Ireland has many top-ranked universities and offers scholarships and grants to deserving students. The tuition fees in these universities are also affordable. The country offers many study programs at over two dozen schools which attract students from all over the world. Because of the affordability and more opportunities, many of the UAE students are showing interest to study in Ireland.

Country Type of student visa Best time to apply Mandatory requirements Visa Fees Processing time
USA Student Visa (F1) 3 months prior to intake Passport & I20 USD 185 Based on the appointment scheduled date
Student Dependant Visa (F2) Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & I20 USD 185 Based on the appointment scheduled date
Refusal Cases or no show sign 3 months prior to intake Passport & I20 USD 185 Based on the appointment scheduled date
Canada Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport & LOA CAD 235 7 weeks
Student Dependant Visa Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & Marriage certificate CAD 340 8 weeks
Australia Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport & COE AUD 710 15 days to 3 months
Student Dependant Visa Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & Marriage certificate AUD 710 3 to 5 months
UK Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport & CAS INR 39,852 + INR 25000 VFS charges 15 working days
Student Dependant Visa Depends upon the confirmation of Spouse visa Passport & Marriage certificate INR 39,852 + INR 25000 VFS charges 5 to 7 days
Ireland Student Visa 3 months prior to intake Passport, offer letter & PCC INR 9,758 15 working days
Student Dependant Visa Cannot be processed due to Embassy restrictions


How to Apply for a Student Visa to Study Abroad?

Student Visa, the gateway to Study Abroad!

  • Step 1: Checklist of Student Visa requirements

The student visa requirements is based on the country you choose to study. Go through the embassy consulate website of the country you choose to study abroad for detailed information.

  • Step 2: Confirmation letter from the University

You must wait until you have received a confirmed offer from the University you applied before submitting the visa application, and you may require to apply in person at an embassy.

The actual name and type of student visa required varies by nation, but you’ll certainly need a non-immigrant student visa or study visa. For this you do not intend to stay in that nation permanently and your stay is only for the purpose of studying. You may require proof of residence on a program from the university or college you pursue before applying the student visa.

  • Step 4:Get the requirements from the University

Contact the University or College administration to find out the student visa you need to apply and request them for the appropriate requirements.

  • Step 5:Duly fill the application form

You should be ready to apply for a student visa once your university or college has advised you of the suitable visa you need and other forms to submit. Get a detailed view to apply for a student visa at your host country’s embassy or consulate, or browse their website. Be cautious while filling the application form.

  • Step 5: Student visa processing times

Based on the country and your nationality, student visa processing can take from a few days to 2 months. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get your visa in order, since rushing an application is not recommended and may result in you losing your spot.

Get the expert guidance from the most trusted overseas study consultant, Y-Axis. 

How Y-Axis Can Help You?

With a goal to help the students execute their educational experience with intelligence and integrity, Y-Axis, is here to counsel, advice, and provide clarification at each and every step to study abroad. Our package of services helps students build their dream to study abroad.

Free Counseling: Professional counseling to help you choose the right course and college

Campus Ready: Complete assistance during the process from choosing the right course and right destination to study abroad.

Coaching: Ace your IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT & SAT tests with our live classes to help you score well on the exams to study abroad.

Study Visas: Proven expertise to advise you in all the steps.

Course Recommendation: Unbiased advice with Y-Path that puts you on the right path to success.

Dedicated SOP Consultant: Benefit from the expertise of a dedicated SOP consultant who guides you through the entire process, making your application process seamless.

Your Next Steps in Document Procurement: Connect with our counselors to discuss and understand the document procurement requirements for your study abroad plans.

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Y-Axis, the top immigration and study overseas consultant in Dubai!

  • We work for you
  • We offer you great value
  • We offer a relationship of a lifetime
  • Our counseling is life changing
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