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Studying abroad is one of the transformative experiences in life. With our validated approach to help you study abroad in leading countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and more, Y-Axis lets you make the most of this investment in time and costs. Unlike others, we don’t affiliate with colleges, and our recommendations to students are unbiased. Coupled with our end-to-end assistance, this openness makes us the favorite vendor for students looking to study abroad. Our Campus Ready solution is popular amongst students and working professionals as a one-stop solution for all their study plans abroad. Y-Axis has the scale and expertise to assist students in accessing world-class education and then turning it into a career launchpad. Our service package helps students create their dream life, whether they want to work, settle or simply study abroad.

  • Free Counselling: We provide you with professional counseling to help you choose the right course and college.
  • Admission: We offer students complete support right from choosing the right course to guidance on choosing the right country.
  • Coaching: We help students prepare for the qualifying tests for admissions abroad. We provide live classes to help them prepare for their IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT & SAT tests with our live classes.
  • Course Recommendation: We provide unbiased advice that helps place students on the path to success.
  • SOP/LOR: We help you with the SOP/LOR that gives an insight into yourself that can significantly strengthen your application.

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How much will it cost to study overseas?

The tuition fees differ between program and program, and between university to university. The cost will also be affected by the country you pick. If you want to study overseas, the cost of living in that country, the visa fees that you will need to pay and other expenses during your course will decide your overall cost.

If you are thinking of working part-time to cover your expenses during the course, ensure you know about the rules for doing so in your selected university.

Which is the easiest way of studying abroad?

The easiest way to study abroad is to do your research and choose the best location for you. Choose a country, university and course that fits your budget the most. Look for scholarship opportunities in the colleges that you’ve selected to reduce your costs.

How can I get a scholarship to Study abroad?

Although a good score in the entrance exam is a significant factor in securing a scholarship, a good score won’t necessarily get you a scholarship. Browse the chosen university’s website to find out if they are offering any scholarships. You need to also find out about scholarships that the government provides. Check for funding opportunities related to your field of study provided by external organizations. Other considerations that are evaluated for the award of a scholarship include – the academic history of the applicant, the financial background, the SOP submitted and the record of extracurricular activities to ensure that you meet the requirements to apply for a scholarship

Which country gives a student visa easily?

The answer depends on the country you have chosen to do your higher studies and how far you meet the eligibility requirements for a visa to study in that country. If you meet all the eligibility requirements, then it will not be difficult to get a student visa.

Which is the best country to study abroad?

The answer again is subjective, it depends on many factors from availability of your course in the country, scholarship options, cost of living, how easy it is to get a visa and your work options during the course and post your study. All these factors come into play when choosing the best country to study abroad.

Which country is the most expensive to study?

The tuition fees and the cost of living are the most important factors that determine how expensive a country is to study in.

The benefits obtained from low-tuition fees or even no- tuition fees can be offset by the high living costs. Therefore, it is important to always have an idea of the cost of living before choosing a study program abroad at a location.

The cost of studying abroad apart from the tuition fees should include the following factors:

  • Rent and cost of Utilities
  • Flight tickets
  • Food
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Cost of transportation
  • Telephone and mobile phone bills
  • Cost of Student visa
How much funds are required for a Canada student visa?

Canada is a popular destination for students from around the world. To obtain a Canada Study Permit, tuition and living expenses must be covered and you must provide proof that you have enough funds for your studies. The cost of studying in Canada is explained in the table below:


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