Quebec traces its roots back to an Algonquian word. It means “where the river narrows”. The term was used for the first time to describe the narrowing of the river St Lawrence near the City of Quebec.

Quebec has been mentioned by multiple names at different times, such as Canada East, Lower Canada, Canada, and New France. The provincial motto of Quebec is Je me souviens, which means I remember. Quebec has an extensive history.

Quebec is the largest among the ten provinces that make up Canada. It ranks second to Ontario with respect to the total population. Quebec City, the capital of Quebec, is considered to be the oldest city in Canada.

Other prominent cities in Quebec province are Montréal, Terrebonne, Laval, Longueuil, Gatineau, Saguenay, Trois-Rivières, and Lévis. With more autonomy on the matter of selection of new immigrants into the province, Quebec is the sole province of Canada that does not participate in the PNP or Provincial Nominee Program.

To fulfil the requirements for a particular situation in Quebec, the Canada–Québec Accord takes the help of the –

  • Nominating individuals who wish to reside permanently or temporarily in Quebec
  • Admission into Canada
  • Integration into the society of Quebec society
  • The numbers determined for the levels of immigration to Quebec

Although there is no such program as Quebec PNP, the province has its own program for immigration to induct new immigrants. On March 3, 2021, Quebec announced three pilot programs addressing “the specific needs of Québec’s job market“. It was announced on March 03, 2021.

In addition, Quebec also updated the list of professions eligible for more straightforward processing. The new list came into effect on February 24, 2021. A transition period of 30-day will be given.

Usually, a two-step immigration process should be followed by foreign nationals opting for pathways to settle in Quebec.

Basic 1- Step: Quebec immigration process

STEP 1: The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) selects candidates that it finds to be likeliest to successfully settle in Quebec.

Basic 2-step Quebec immigration process

  • STEP 1: The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) selects candidates that it finds to be likeliest to successfully settle in Quebec.
  • STEP 2: Selected candidates will be issued a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ), attesting the selection of the candidates by the MIFI.

This CSQ will be required for filing Canadian permanent residence form with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The immigration programs of Quebec have a different selection criterion than those of the other immigration programs of Canada, both at the provincial and the federal level.

Quebec Immigration programs
Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)
Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)
Quebec Entrepreneur Program
Quebec Self-Employed
Validated Job Offer

The foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Quebec through the stream of skilled workers. The candidates under this stream are required to initiate the process by creating their profile in Expression of Interest system through the Arrima Portal.

The EOI system of Quebec has managed to include an evaluation of the candidates through the Arrima Portal, according to the Selection Grid of the Regular Skilled Worker Program. To immigrate to Canada and settle in Quebec, a candidate needs to have a Certificat de sélection du Québec or CSQ. It is also termed as the Québec Selection Certificate.

Being granted a CSQ is mandatory before submitting the application to IRCC for Canadian permanent residence.

All Arrima Draws by Quebec
Invitation Dates Number of invitations
April 7, 2022 33
March 10, 2022 506
February 24, 2022 306
February 10, 2022 523
January 27, 2022 322
January 13, 2022 512
  • Assessment educational and job qualification
  • Personalized list of requirements
  • Guidance on vital requirements
  • Guidance while filling the application
What is Arrima?

Arrima was launched in 2018. Arrima is a virtual portal for processing the candidates’ applications for Quebec immigration.

What can I do in Arrima?

Based on the program, multiple activities can be processed under Arrima. These activities are listed below:

  • Regular Skilled Worker Program can create a profile to submit and update in the EOI system.
  • With the Quebec Experience Program, one can create a profile for submission of the application for the Canada Permanent Residency form, submission, and fee payment.
  • International Student Program helps a foreign student submit their form for temporary selection for studies and create their Arrima profile to submit their supporting certificates and forms.
What are the details of the immigration programs under Quebec PNP?

Quebec has multiple programs for immigration that enables qualified candidates to obtain permanent residence in Canada. The federal government of Canada has given Quebec greater autonomy concerning the immigration policies and procedures. That is why the immigration systems of Quebec function differently than that of other provinces.

There are three categories under Quebec’s PNP, these are:

  • QSWP or Quebec Skilled Worker Program        
  • PEQ or Quebec Experience Class 
  • Business Immigration

The most popular of these programs is the QSWP or Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Quebec offers the QSWP, which facilitates many immigration candidates’ application submission to migrate to this specific Canadian province. The Quebec Immigration Points Calculator ensures the suitable candidates to be nominated through the program to migrate to Quebec.

The QSWP is aimed at the skilled workers who choose to migrate to Quebec and reside there. Workers who fulfill the requirements as mentioned above and other criteria are considered for this program.

What are the eligibility criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The candidate should meet the eligibility requirements given below if the candidate wants to migrate to Quebec under the QSWP:

  • The candidate should have a minimum of one diploma that matches the educational requirement in Quebec.
  • The candidate should have gone through the required training and skills for the relevant field. · The candidate is required to demonstrate their intention to work and settle in the province. It makes the process easy for the candidates to search for a job in the job market of Canada.

Under the points calculator, the candidate for the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa, will be evaluated on the factors given below and the respective points in the Quebec Points Calculator.

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Accompanying Children
  • Valid Job Offer
How is the immigration process to Quebec different from other immigration programs in Canada?

Quebec has the autonomy of deciding which immigrants will be permitted to live in the province. The qualifications of the candidates are evaluated at the provincial level after the authorities request a candidate for a CSQ. The candidates should first receive the CSQ to immigrate to Quebec. It is important to remember that a CSQ is not the same as a permit for permanent residence.

After being granted approval at the provincial level, the candidate should submit for medical and security checks at the federal level. The candidate is granted permanent residence after being approved at the federal level.

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