Document Procurement

Studying abroad necessitates a diverse set of papers. With today’s hectic lifestyles, gathering and collating all of the records from different institutions such as schools, universities, and workplaces can be challenging. With an end-to-end procurement service built for ease, Y-Axis Dubai simplifies this procurement process for you.

Our document procurement services include:

Transcripts from the University/College

Syllabus copy from the University/College

Duplicate mark sheets from the University/College

Convocation certificate from the University


Y-axis document procurement services in detail

Transcripts from college/university: Depending on the location and rules of the University/College, Y-Axis can obtain sealed transcripts from the University/College. We will send your admission request to the institution along with the appropriate papers on your behalf. A further attestation by the Principal / Controller of Exams of the respective institution will be obtained for autonomous institutions.

Copy of the University/College Syllabus: Depending on the location and rules of the University/College, Y-Axis will obtain a copy of the Syllabus from the concerned University/College. For Immigration, higher education, or work applications, an old syllabus copy may be needed as proof of having studied the subjects mentioned on the mark sheet. We will follow up and try to get a copy of the syllabus from the university library or another source. You must provide us with a letter of authorization to meet with the relevant Educational Institution, and the service is contingent on the application being approved.


Y-Axis streamlines the process of studying in the country of your choice with our student-first solutions. We will help you with:

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  • Dedicated study abroad consultant
  • Detailed report on your options
  • Help in shortlisting courses and colleges
  • Your next steps to study abroad

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