Why Migrate To Canada?

Canada is a popular destination for people wanting to migrate to another country. People choose to migrate to Canada because of its multicultural ambience and various job opportunities for skilled workers. Canada has a high standard of living and a world-class healthcare and education system. In fact, it ranks first in the 2020 ranking of the best countries conducted by U.S. News & World Report for a high level of quality of life.  It has a population of 37 million and hopes to add 1 million immigrants to its population by 2021. The country needs immigrants to strengthen its economy. Applicants for a Canada visa can apply under various immigration programs. To qualify under any of these programs, applicants should meet the eligibility requirements of the immigration program they are opting for.  These immigration programs are based on points. Points are awarded on criteria that include language proficiency, work experience, education and other factors. Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program are two popular Canada immigration programs.

The Y-Axis team in Dubai dedicated to Canada immigration have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you understand the process and meet the requirements so that you get your desired visa.

Who We Help

Visa for Professionals: Y-Axis helps skilled professionals to migrate to Canada on a work visa. Canada has several job openings in various sectors from manufacturing to healthcare. The country offers different work permit visas that allow businesspeople, permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others to work in Canada.

Visa For Students:Canada has become a popular destination for international students. The universities here have a strong infrastructure, modern curriculum and well-equipped campuses which make them a favored destination to study abroad. The Y-Axis team in Dubai provide counselling and admission help to enable students get into the best universities.

Visa for Families: At Y-Axis we have a proven process to identify the right steps that will help you get your PR and move to the country with your family.

Phase Wise Process Timelines and Costs:
Phase Process Description Designated Authority TAT (Turn Around Time) Fees Applicable
Phase 1 Step 1 An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to verify your foreign education is valid and equal to a completed credential in Canada. It is valid for 5 years. WES 6-8 Weeks CAD$ 305
IQAS 20 Weeks CAD$ 275
ICAS 20 Weeks CAD$ 285
ICES 8 – 10 Weeks CAD$ 200 + CAD$ 75 for Courier
CES 12 Weeks CAD$ 210 + CAD$ 102 for Courier
  MCC(Doctors) 15 Weeks CAD$ 285 Fee + CAD$ 165 SVR + CAD$ 106 ECA
PEBC(Pharmacists) 15 Weeks CAD$ 325 Fee + CAD$ 650 Evaluation
Step 2 English or French Language Test IELTS /CELPIP /TEF Within 4 weeks INR 13,250 (Variable)
Phase 2 Step 1 EOI – Expression Of Interest IRCC Your Profile will be valid for 12 months. No Fee
Step 2 PNP – Provincial Nomination Program Provincial Authorities Varies based on Provinces. Varies based on Provinces.
Phase 3 Step 1 Invitation To Apply – ITA Main Applicant + Spouse + Children 60 Days Visa Per Head – CAD$ 550
RPRF Per Head – CAD$ 490
Bio Metrics – CAD$ 85
Medical Fee – As applicable
Step 2 Passport Submission and PR Visa Main Applicant + Spouse + Children Up to 30 days VFS fee as applicable

Note: Table last updated on 5th Feb 2021

Job Trends in Canada
Occupation Average Salary in CAD
Sales Representative $52,000 to $64,000
Accountant $63,000 to $75,000
Engineering Project Manager $74,000 to $92,000
Business Analyst $73,000 to $87,000
IT Project Manager $92,000 to $114,000
Account Manager $75,000 to $92,000
Software Engineer $83,000 to $99,000
Human Resources $59,000 to $71,000
Customer Service Representative $37,000 to $43,000
Administrative Assistant $37,000 to $46,000
How long does it take to get a work permit in Canada?

The human resources authorities typically take about two months to process an LMIA request once it is received. So between advertising and the LMIA process, there is about three months of processing. Once the LMIA is approved, the foreign worker can apply for a work permit.

How can I get a PR in Canada?

Once you have got the invitation to apply for PR visa, through any of the Canadian Immigration program (i.e. express Entry, QSWP, etc.), you need to apply for PR visa in the Canada immigration center in Canada. The Permanent Resident Visa processing begins through high commission or Embassy of Canada.

How many points do you need to immigrate to Canada?

If you score 67 points or higher (out of 100), you may qualify to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled worker. If you score lower than the pass mark of 67 points, you won’t qualify to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled worker.

What is the age limit for moving to Canada?

Ten points are awarded to applicants between 21 and 49 years of age. Two points are removed for every year older or younger (to a maximum of 10 points). It is a misconception that the age limit for Canadian Immigration is from 18 to 49, years old.

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