• Canada to add 1.3 million immigrants by 2024
  • High minimum wage (CAD 44,400 approx.)
  • High quality of life including free basic healthcare
  • Talents in demand in tech, healthcare, and retail industries
  • Numerous pathways to permanent residency

Every year thousands of expats migrate to Canada from UAE. Even though UAE boasts a high quality of life, many of them choose Canada immigration because of these interesting reasons:

  • An easy path to citizenship
  • Universal health care facilities
  • High-quality standards in education
  • Flourishing career opportunities
  • A plethora of nature and wildlife

Emirates stands in the fifth position when it comes to people who choose to be Canadian residents after Canadians, Indians, Americans, and Nigerians. While applying for Canada Immigration, both foreign nationals and Emiratis are equally interested.


Canada is popularly known as the friendliest immigration nation in the world. “The Great White North” as it’s called, has amazing immigration plans for the period ending in 2024. Not just that! The IRCC has announced an investment of $100 million for the settlement of newcomers.

On December 23, 2021, Canada proudly announced the country’s historical moment, as they landed 405,000 immigrants in 2021. The country has activated various immigration streams in order to attract foreign nationals. There are more than 100 immigration pathways that provide every expat the opportunity to migrate to the country.

These incredible steps to welcome expats make Canada the best immigrant-friendly country for immigrants from the UAE.

Canada is looking forward to welcome 432,000 new immigrants by the end of 2022, asgiven in the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024.

The country is welcoming more and more immigrants in order to support its economic and social prosperity.

Have a look at the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2023.

2022-2024 Canada Immigration Levels Plan
Immigrant Category
2022 2023 2024
Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range
  Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions 4,31,645 3,60,000 4,45,000 4,47,055 3,80,000 4,65,000 4,51,000 3,90,000 4,75,000
Federal High Skilled 55,900 52,000 64,000 75,750 63,000 84,000 1,11,500 91,000 1,18,000
Federal Economic Public Policies 40,000 30,000 48,000 32,000 25,000 42,000
Federal Business 1,000 800 1,500 1,000 800 1,500 1,500 1,000 2,000
Economic Pilots 10,250 4,000 10,500 11,250 7,000 18,000 12,750 8,000 20,000
Atlantic Immigration Program 6,250 4,000 8,000 6,500 4,000 10,000 6,500 4,000 12,000
Provincial Nominee Program 83,500 80,000 95,000 86,000 82,000 95,000 93,000 88,000 98,000
Quebec Skilled Workers and Business See the Quebec immigration plan To be determined To be determined
Total Economic 2,41,850 2,10,000 2,48,000 2,53,000 2,22,000 2,59,000 2,67,750 2,35,000 2,73,000
Spouses, Partners and Children 80,000 68,000 81,000 81,000 70,000 84,000 81,000 70,000 84,000
Parents and Grandparents 25,000 19,000 31,000 28,500 22,000 38,000 32,000 27,000 43,000
Total Family 1,05,000 90,000 1,09,000 1,09,500 94,000 1,13,000 1,13,000 99,000 1,17,000
Refugees and Protected Persons
Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad 24,500 20,000 27,500 25,000 20,500 28,000 25,500 21,000 28,500
Resettled Refugees – Government-Assisted 19,790 15,500 24,000 17,260 13,500 26,000 13,000 10,000 19,500
Resettled Refugees – Privately Sponsored 31,255 19,000 34,000 30,795 19,400 34,000 23,000 15,500 28,000
Resettled Refugees – Blended Visa Office-Referred 1,000 100 1,100 1,000 100 1,100 1,000 100 1,100
Total Refugees and Protected Persons 76,545 55,000 79,500 74,055 57,000 82,000 62,500 50,000 75,500
Humanitarian and Other Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and Others 8,250 5,000 8,500 10,500 7,000 11,000 7,750 6,000 9,500

Canada, well-known as the second largest country in the world, welcomes foreign nationals through various pathways. There are more than 100 Canadian immigration programs. Here are some of the major categories.

Immigration Class 2022 2023 2024
Economic 2,41,850 253,00 2,67,750
Family 1,05,000 1,09,500 1,13,000
Refugee 76,545 74,055 62,500
Humanitarian 8,250 10,500 7,750
Total 4,31,645 4,47,055 4,51,000
  • Protected persons in Canada and dependents abroad
  • Privately-sponsored refugees
  • Blended visa office referred
  • Government-assisted refugees
The prominent pathways for Canada Immigration among all these are
Express Entry system is the most popular Canada immigration program, which operates three economic-class immigration programs:
If you are eligible to be in one of these programs, you can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program.
Check your eligibility for Canada immigration instantly through Y-Axis Canada Skilled Immigration Points Calculator for free. Know your’s right away.

Y-Axis Canada Points Calculator analyses the score based on the following factors:

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Employment in Canada
  • Adaptability

Note: The minimum CRS score required for Canada Immigration is 67 points.

Improving your CRS score is essential to increase your chances to for Canada immigration. Here’s how to improve your CRS score and create a better chance to get a Canada PR visa. How to improve CRS in 2022?


This program is an option for candidates who do not get qualified in Canada Express Entry System. The PNP gives an extra 600 points for candidates who get qualified in the two-tier application process. The Provincial Nomination Program has two categories:

  • Enhanced PNPs – Use Express Entry System to draw candidates
  • Base PNPs – Operates independently without Express Entry

Quebec follows separate pathways for inviting candidates. It operates the following programs:

  • Regular Skilled Worker Program – French-speaking foreign workers
  • Quebec Experience Program – French-speaking international student graduates
  • Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs – food processing workers, orderlies, and tech workers

The Quebec Immigration Plan is yet to be determined for 2022.


Canada considers the importance of the family members of its immigrants. Hence it has introduced

  • Family Sponsorship program – It allows you to sponsor for spouses and common-law partners, dependent children to immigrate to Canada.
  • Parents and Grandparents program – It allows to sponsor your parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada.

Canada encourages entrepreneurs to invest or start their business in the country through the Canada Investor program. This will allow entrepreneurs to avail themselves of many benefits of living and doing business in Canada.


Generally, for Canada immigration, the major requirement is a minimum score of 67 points for a Canada work visa. The score is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Employment in Canada
  • Adaptability

The eligibility criteria for Canada Immigration differ for each program like the Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Below is the list of general eligibility requirements, which is common for all. These include:

  • Age: You should be 18 years of age
  • Points: A minimum score of 67 in the Canada Points Grid is essential
  • Educational qualifications: You should have the minimum educational qualifications equal to higher secondary education in Canada
  • Language proficiency tests: You should score the minimum marks in language proficiency tests such as IELTS (6+) or CLB (4+)
  • Work Experience: You Should have a minimum of one year’s work experience in the field which you are applying for
  • Adaptability: If you have a Canadian Education or Work Experience your chances for Canada Work Visa or Canada PR Visa will be accelerated.
  • Job offer in Canada:You can immigrate to Canada with or without a job offer

Canada Immigration from the UAE is easy, as it has a very clear process for each pathway of immigration.

You may follow the steps below to make the process simple.

Step 1:Eligibility Check
It’s the prime step for Canada immigration!
Checking your eligibility for Canada immigration is the foremost step. Use the Y-Axis Canada Points calculator for free to check your score and eligibility.
Note: You need to score a minimum of 67 points to get eligible for Canada Immigration, and to boost your chances for Canada PR Visa you need to score more.

Step 2:English proficiency Test
Test your language proficiency in CBL or IELTS or TOEFL.
Prove your language proficiency in CBL or IELTS, or TOEFL by scoring high points. A high score in language proficiency tests will certainly boost your chances for Canada immigration.
Note: Get a positive impact on your score through Y-Axis Coaching for language proficiency, which provides world-class coaching that helps you to score more in the language proficiency test.

Step 3: Skills Assessment
Assess your skillset for Canada Immigration!
Assessing your skillset can be done through the relevant skill assessment body of the country.

Step 4:Expression of Interest (EOI)
Be cautious while registering your EOI for Canada Immigration!
You have to be very attentive while registering your Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Canada Express Entry portal, as it plays a crucial role in your Canada work visa or Canada PR visa.

Step 5:Invitation to Apply (ITA)
Obtaining ITA, essential for Canada immigration!
If you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from any of the Canadian immigration pathways, you will be given 60 calendar days to apply for any of the specific Canada immigration pathways such as Canada Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Pathways and Quebec Immigration programs.

Step 6:Apply for Canada PR Visa
Embrace your chances for permanent residency with a Canada PR Visa!
You can apply for permanent residency online through Canada PR visa by following the accurate procedures and submitting the requirements.


Learn about immigrating to Canada on a Canada PR visa. Become a permanent resident and get the benefits of a privileged individual who has a future in Canada.

Express Entry in 2022

Total draws: 9

Total ITAs: 8086

Sl. No. Draw No. Invited Date of Draw Time of Draw CRS cut-off ITAs issued
1 #221 PNP April 27, 2022 April 27,2022 16:04:21 UTC CRS 772 829
2 #220 PNP April 13, 2022 April 13, 2022 at  14:13:01 UTC CRS 782 787
3 #219 PNP March 30, 2022 20:23:16 UTC CRS 785 919
4 #218 PNP March 16, 2022 14:16:27 UTC CRS  754 924
5 #217 PNP March 02, 2022 14:36:05 UTC CRS 761 1047
6 #216 PNP February 16, 2022 14:36:05 UTC CRS 710 1082
7 #215 PNP February 02, 2022 14:16:27 UTC CRS  674 1,070
8 #214 PNP January 19, 2022 14:39:22 UTC CRS 745 1,036
9 #213 PNP January 5, 2022 15:50:48 UTC CRS 808 392


Many of the Y-Axis clients have benefited from our counseling and guidance services to successfully migrate overseas from UAE.Y-Axis, the world’s best immigration company, provides unbiased immigration services for every client based on their interests and requirements. The impeccable services of Y-Axis include:

How long does it take to get Canadian permanent residence?

If you have applied under the Canada Express Entry system, the average time required to process your visa will be six months. If you have opted for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the processing time takes an average of 12 months.

The Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) processing time is 12-16 months.

How many points do you need to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker through Canada Express Entry?

If you score 67 points or higher (out of 100), you may qualify to immigrate as a federal skilled worker through the Canada Express Entry system which is managed by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

I am 46 years old. Can I apply to Canada Express Entry?

Yes, you can apply for permanent residence through Canada Express Entry.

Under the 67-point eligibility calculation, the factor of ‘age’ is worth a maximum of 12 points.

The age between 18 to 35 years is worth 12 points. Being 47 years old or more will get you no points for age. You can, however, still apply under Canada Express Entry.

Can we get Canadian permanent residence without IELTS?

Yes. IRCC accepts both CELPIP and IELTS to verify the applicant’s English proficiency. While IELTS is one of the standardized tests of the English language, IELTS is not mandatory for Canada immigration.

IRCC accepts the CELPIP-G test for immigration and citizenship. The “CELPIP-G LS” test is only carried for Canadian citizenship purposes and not for migrate overseas to Canada.

What is the eligibility for permanent residence in Canada?

There are various Canada immigration programs available under through which you can apply for Canadian permanent residence. Some popular programs are:

  • Canada Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Each of the Canada immigration programs has its own set of eligibility criteria. But there are some general eligibility requirements common to all. Applicants must:

  • Be above 18 years of age
  • Have the minimum educational qualifications equal to higher secondary education in Canada
  • Score the minimum marks in language proficiency tests such as IELTS or CLB
  • Have a minimum work experience of one year
What is the age limit for immigration to Canada through Express Entry?

There is no upper age limit for applying for Canadian permanent residence through the federal Express Entry system. An individual 47 years old and above will not score any points under the age criteria when applying for Canada immigration via Express Entry.

However, such individuals can still gather enough points on other factors like skills, language proficiency, job offer, education, etc.

What is the CRS score required for Canada PR through Express Entry?

The minimum CRS score cut-off varies from draw to draw. The highest-ranked are issued invitations in the IRCC draws held from time to time.

Here, CRS has a 1,200-point matrix used to rank profiles while in the IRCC Express Entry pool of candidates.

What is a good score in IELTS for Canada immigration?

If applying under the Express Entry system, your English language ability will get you marks at two separate stages of the immigration process.

Your first official language ability can get you a maximum of 24 points on the 67-point eligibility calculation. A CLB 9 and above is worth 6 points each on the four abilities assessed, amounting to 24 points altogether.

When your profile is in the Express Entry pool, your first language ability is worth a maximum of CRS 136 points (when applying without a spouse/partner).

The specific IELTS score you should aim for will be as per the pathway applying under. The higher your score in IELTS, the more points you can hope to get as Canada immigration points.

My profile is in Canada’s Express Entry. How can I guarantee an ITA by IRCC for Canada immigration Express Entry?

The higher your CRS score, the better your chances of being invited by IRCC to apply.

Some ways of improving your CRS score are:

  • securing a nomination by a province/territory
  • getting arranged employment in Canada

A PNP nomination is worth 600 CRS points in itself. To find out the right PNP for you, talk to Y-Axis, the expert Canada immigration consultants in Dubai.

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