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Migrating to another country has become a popular option in recent times. People are willing to settle down in another country for better prospects and quality of life. People are willing to go abroad for study or work or to permanently settle down. The motives to go abroad may vary from person to person but the common motive is usually the search for better opportunities be it work, study or quality of life. The positive factors of migration far outnumber its disadvantages. Migration gives an opportunity to live in a new country, meet new people and experience a new culture or even learn a new language. it provides opportunities for professional and personal growth. Many aspiring migrants choose Y-axis for immigration services. Our knowledge, expertise and experience in global immigration practices makes us the first choice for those looking to migrate abroad.

Y-AXIS PROVIDES UNBIASED IMMIGRATION ADVICE: At Y-Axis we help our clients discover the best country for them and provide them with unbiased advice on settling abroad. Our team of immigration counselors is keen to understand your preferences and identify the countries that can meet your aspirations, improve your prospects, and can give you a better quality of life. We then help you with your migration process. We are aware of the latest immigration laws and policies and provide you with accurate advice to make the right immigration decision

Advantages of Migrating Abroad
  • Better salary and job prospects
  • Greater standard of living
  • Better healthcare and education environment
  • Better life for children

Migration is a highly technical process. Our Evaluation Experts analyze your profile to help you make an informed decision. Your Eligibility Evaluation report contains:

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  • immigration servicesOCCUPATION
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Who can migrate?

Any individual who wishes to move abroad for employment, studies or settle down in another country can migrate to another country.

The benefits of moving to another country gives an opportunity to live in a new environment, meet new people and experience a different culture and even learn a new language. Migration to another country provides opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

Which country gives easy PR visa?

If you are planning to migrate to another country with a Permanent Resident (PR) visa, you might also want to know which the easiest country is to get a PR visa, the answer is Canada.

The Canadian government is encouraging immigrants to come and settle here because it needs skilled workers to meet the Skills shortage across various provinces. The government considers Indians best qualified to work in sectors such as IT, engineering etc.

The government has an immigration plan that proposes to welcome more than 1 million migrants to Canada by the year 2022. In view of this, Canada has created a fast and simple online application system for PR visas. The points based Express Entry System makes it easy to Apply for a Canadian PR visa which is processed within six months.

Apart from the Express Entry program, Canada offers other points –based immigration pathways for a PR visa. These are the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP), Family Sponsored Program, etc.

Which is the best country to migrate from Dubai?

Canada has a long history of welcoming immigrants and facilitating their integration into Canadian society. A look at the influx of immigrants in the country since 2001 indicates that it has been between 221,352 and 262,236 immigrants per annum.

The influx of immigrants has peaked since 1993 and it continues to grow. More than 90 percent of immigrants tend to settle down in and around large cities such as Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

Canada plans to continue its policy of welcoming immigrants to the country while acknowledging their contribution to the country’s economic growth. Canada has a systematic and well-regulated process for migrants wanting to move to the country on a PR visa. The validity of a PR visa is five years which can later be renewed.

The PR visa does not make you a citizen of Canada, you are still a citizen of your native country. As a PR visa holder, you can enjoy the following benefits:

· Can apply for Canadian citizenship in the future

· Can live, work and study anywhere in Canada

· Eligible for healthcare and other social benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens

· Protection under Canadian law

Which is the easiest country to immigrate to?

Canada is a popular destination owing to its immigration friendly policies. The country’s rapid economic development offers numerous job opportunities and the shortage of skills and lack of manpower to contribute to their development is forcing the government to take in more migrants.

Apart from this, the country offers a better quality of life, social security benefits and free education and health care which make it an attractive option for migrants to settle here with a PR visa.

Canada offers various immigration programs through which you can apply for a PR visa, but each program has its individual eligibility requirements and application procedure. Some popular programs for getting the PR visa are:

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Each immigration program has its own set of criteria. Here are some common general requirements for applicants:

  1. · Above 18 years of age
  2. · Must have the minimum educational qualifications equal to higher secondary education in Canada
  3. · Must have the minimum marks in language proficiency tests such as IELTS or CLB
  4. · Have at least one year of work experience
  5. · Applicants with a valid job offer are given high priority

Points System

Canada follows a points-based system to determine whether you qualify for the PR visa. Based on the details you provide; your profile will be ranked on the following criteria and you will be given points:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Language ability
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged employment
What documents do I need to migrate to another country?

For migration applications, most countries will ask for these documents which include identity, qualification, experience, and proof of income, taxation, settlement funds, English language and other documents. The documentation differs from country to country and specific documentation might be required in few cases at various stages. In addition, few countries require Police Clearance Certificates and applicants may have to undergo health examinations as well.

The compulsory documents necessary for US migration are:

  • An original passport 
  • All previous passports
  • 1 photograph as per specification with both hard copy and digital copy
  • US Visa application DS160 verification page stamped at the VAC – Visa Application Center
  • Proof of payment of a fee

Documents required for migration to Canada

  1. Proof of language test results
  2. education credential assessment report
  3. Proof of provincial nomination (if you have one)
  4. Document proving you have a job offer from an employer in Canada (if you have one)
  5. Police certificates
  6. Medical reports
  7. Documents showing proof of funds

Documents required for migration to Australia

  1. Your application must include all the supporting documents for processing your PR visa. These are your:
  2. Personal documents which include civil status and identity documents
  3. Work experience documents which should prove that you have sufficient work experience that is required
  4. If you have dependent children then you must submit their birth certificates
  5. Police and medical clearance certificates

Documents required for migration to the UK

  1. Valid passport
  2. Proof of English language proficiency
  3. Copy of bank statement to prove you have enough funds
  4. Medical test results
  5. Police clearance certificates
How long does it take to migrate?

The processing time for applications for migration to another country varies from one country to another. Let us look at the processing time for the permanent residence applications of two popular countries-Canada and Australia


The processing time varies for the different immigration programs that the country offers. So, how soon you will get your PR visa depends on the immigration program you have selected to apply for your PR visa.

The most popular immigration program is the Express Entry system which also has the fastest processing time. The average processing time for the PR visa in 2020 right from the filing of the application to getting the invitation to apply (ITA) from Canadian authorities is 6 months.

In the other popular immigration program – the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the process is almost like the Express Entry program. The only difference being the verification process takes a little longer, this can extend the processing time to about 12 months.

For the Quebec skilled Workers Program (QSWP), a provincial immigration program run by the Quebec province, the processing time is between 12-16 months.

The processing time varies for each immigration program because it depends on the number of applications each program receives in a month. Tor some programs, the number of applications is consistent every month, then there is no variation in the processing time. For some programs, the number of applications can vary in the year, some programs have specific application times during the year. In such cases the processing time can vary.

As we mentioned earlier, the processing time is the period between the day the authorities receive your complete application and the day a decision is made on the application. The immigration authorities estimate the processing time based on the current number of applications that are waiting to be processed and their estimate of how much time it will take to process 80% of these applications.

Australia The PR visa applications for Australia are assessed on a points-based immigration system. Your application is assessed based on your score under various eligibility criteria that include age, education, language proficiency, work experience etc. The General Skilled Migration or GSM program is the most popular way to apply for a PR visa.

The GSM program which is again based on a points-based system offers three visa categories

· Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

· Skilled Nominated Visa 190

Factors affecting the processing time

Many factors can affect processing time. The time can vary every month because of factors such as number of applications coming in, seasons which see a higher number of applications, a higher number of complex cases or incomplete applications. Other reasons that impact processing times include:

· Submission of incorrect applications

· Lack of supporting documents

· Time taken to answer any queries raised by immigration officers

· Demand for the applicant’s occupation

· Inadequate points scored by the applicant in the SkillSelect online system

· Delay in the background verification process

· Time taken to receive information from external agencies about health or character

· Number of places available in the migration program

To ensure that your Australian PR visa application is processed on time do not submit an incomplete application. For the smooth processing of your application, make sure you meet the key requirements of the visa application process.

Can I study anywhere in my new country once I get my PR?

To understand your study options once you get your permanent resident visa, we will lookat your options in two most popular choices for permanent residence-Australia and Canada.

If you obtain permanent residence in Canada you get many perks with your PR visa, one of them is the freedom to study anywhere in the country. If you opt to study in Canada as a permanent resident, you will be paying low tuition fees like Canadian citizens. However, if you wish to study in Canada as an international student.You will be paying a higher amount. But as a PR visa holder, the government is willing to pay most of your tuition fees.

Australia much like Canada allows those who have permanent resident visa to study anywhere in the country.

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