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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the English proficiency tests which is widely accepted by English-speaking countries. This test is used to assess the process of candidates’ assessment by employers and embassies.

PTE is one of the world’s foremost computer-based tests of English for candidates who are willing to study or immigrate abroad. PTE score is considered by most of the academic universities and institutes worldwide which includes the world’s top universities like INSEAD, Harvard Business School, and Yale University. A good PTE will help you in getting good chances of success.


PTE, (Pearson Test of English) is a computer-based English language proficiency test that is used to evaluate the language skills of non-native English speakers and is intended to apply for university courses in English-speaking countries.

PTE exam is very much identical to IELTS and TOEFL. This computer-based exam mainly emphasizes the day-to-day English language that is used to assess the candidate’s level compared with the high levels. This assesses the constructive understanding of the English language on an everyday basis.

PTE has its way of grading system to check on the effective level of understanding of the applicant’s proficiency in the English language. PTE gives computer-based test results within 5 business days from the date of the test. Sometimes, the candidates even receive the PTE test results in 3 days and few even get them within a day.

Usage of the Pearson Test of English (academic)

The Pearson Test of English (Academic) is a credible source that is accepted by various governments, Educational Institutes, and Universities across the globe. PTE Academic quantifies the candidate’s English Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing skills in one brief test.

Modules in PTE
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
Top 5 reasons to choose for the PTE
  • Flexible hours: One can opt for PTE coaching at flexible hours, moreover the test dates are also made available always for 360 days in a year and in 250 centers that are present worldwide.
  • Rapid results: The results will be published usually in less than 5 working days on the website.
  • Fair marking: As the PTE test utilizes computerized marking, the system certifies the test takers with scores precisely.
  • Secure system: Different steps are taken to make sure the test has security with arbitrary test forms, palm-vein scanning, and data forensics.
  • Infinite chances: The students can transmit test results to countless Universities or colleges, and institutions without even paying an extra amount.
  • Understanding the PTE scores

    PTE Academic provides you a score from 10 to 90 on the global scale of English, to measure the candidate’s English skills with precise accuracy. On the band 10 is considered as low and 90 is the highest score. Usually, the increment happens by 1 point.

    The scoring of the test takers will be based on the grading scale which showcases the abilities of the candidates to read, write, speak and understand directives that are given in English. Most of the time, the PTE scores are also furnished in a graphical representation for easy understanding of the candidate as well as the areas of upgrading your skills.

    Utilization of PTE scores

    The PTE (Academic) scores are used to study or immigrate overseas. The Australian and New Zealand governments permit these test scores for migration. Different Universities across Australia, Europe, and New Zealand also accept PTE (Academic) test scores.

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