Luxembourg student permit

International students who wish to study in Luxembourg and stay in the country for more than 90 days for this purpose will need to apply for a Luxembourg student permit. This is a long-term permit available to students who have been accepted into a recognized Luxembourg university or college.

Students who want to take a course, a doctoral program, or conduct research may apply for a Luxembourg study permit.

Foreign students who wish to study here must get a student permit before they enter the country.

Students must apply for a temporary authorization before entering the country. They must send a request to the Luxembourg Immigration Department from their home country. Before they travel to Luxembourg, they must submit this form.

Before entering the country, make sure to:
  • Apply for a permit within 90 days of receiving the authorization.
  • Submit the request to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.
  • Make a request for a Type D permit.
After entering the country:
  • Make a formal announcement of your arrival
  • Undergo a medical examination
  • Make a request for a residence permit
How long would it take to get a student permit in Luxembourg?

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has a maximum response time of 60 days.

To ensure that the process is completed in time for you to begin your course, apply for a student permit at least three months prior to your scheduled departure date.

Is the processing time for a student permit in Luxembourg extended if more papers are required?

If additional information is required, the applicant will be notified. The applicant is given a fair period of time to submit the requested details. The 60-day deadline is postponed until all relevant information is received by a specific date.

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