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Germany Business Visa

Do you want to visit Germany for the purpose of business? You will have to apply for a business visa to Germany. The business visa facilitates a businessperson to visit Germany for business-related activities, such as employment and corporate or partnership meetings.


An application for a short-stay visa is required for the business visa. It permits you to stay for 90 days in Germany. The other name for the short-stay visa is the Schengen visa.

It is valid in all the countries of Europe which are part of the agreement of Schengen.


To apply for the Business Visa of Germany, you need the documents listed below:

  • A passport with a minimum of three months’ validity
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • A completed application form for the visa
  • Proof of funds to pay for your stay in Germany and return trip
  • A policy for travel insurance amounting to 30,000 pounds
  • A cover letter from your company, if you are traveling to Germany to represent their business
  • An invitation letter from the company you will visit with their address and scheduled dates of your visit
  • A permit from your employer as proof of your business travel and a Power of attorney giving you a full authority from your company.
  • Evidence of previous trade relations between the two companies
  • Financial statements of the Bank for the company for the last three months
  • Last three years’ income tax returns
  • The company must declare that it would cover the expenses in the letter or invitation.
  • Accommodation proof
  • Civil status proof

You can apply for the visa three weeks before your trip and six months prior to your vacation.

The application should be submitted to the German Consulate or Embassy in your country.


You can stay for a period of 90 days in Germany or the other countries in the region of Schengen with a business visa. The processing time for your visa application would take 10 to 15 days. Therefore, apply three weeks before your trip.

The application may be delayed or postponed if the embassy receives a high volume of applications.

  • Counsel you on the requirements for the visa
  • Guide you on the proof of funds required
  • Guide you to complete the process of application
Do I need a visa to go to Germany for business purposes?

It depends on which nation you belong to. Everyone does not require a visa to visit Germany for business. Indian nationals are required to have a visa to stay in Germany for business purposes.

What is the validity of a German business permit?

Typically, a short-stay business permit for Germany will be valid for a 90-day period within 6 months, unless otherwise stated.

How many times can I use my Germany business permit?

A short-stay permit valid for all Schengen states can be used for 1, 2, or multiple entries in the Schengen Area. You can either enter Germany once and stay for 90 days at a time, or enter Germany 2-3 times without breaking the “90 days within 180 days” rule attached to your permit.

What is the cost of a German business permit?

As in December 2021, the cost for a German business permit is EUR 80.

What's the processing time for German business permit?

A German business permit is usually processed within 15 days.

What's the earliest that I can apply for German business permit?

The earliest that you can apply for a German business permit is 6 months before your intended date of travelling to Germany on business.

What is the latest that I can apply for a German business permit?

The latest that you can apply for a business permit for Germany is 15 days before you travel.

Is it true that German business permits get priority processing?

One of the perks of applying for a German business permit is that you can get a quicker appointment even in the peak season for permit applications when there might be many people applying.

Can I extend my business permit for Germany?

While an extension is permitted, it’s granted only in exceptional cases wherein the applicant seeking the extension has a strong reason for doing so.

Which visa will I need to go to Germany on business
For visiting Germany for business, such as attending meetings or conducting business affairs, you need a Type C Schengen short-stay visa for ‘Business’. It is to be noted that the visa for Schengen short-stay is issued for various purposes. You need to mention the reason for travel to be ‘Business’.
What is the validity of a German business visa?

The validity of the Business Visa of Germany is decided by the embassy that has issued it. The embassy can grant you the visa for business with any of the validity given below:

  • Single entry – It permits you to visit Germany just once and stay there for the duration of your visa, which usually is ten days.
  • Multiple entries – It facilitates you to visit Germany numerous times for a particular duration with the requirement that you do not exceed the maximum permissible days allowed.

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