Australia Immigration Updates

Mar 27th, 2021:

Australia planning to reopen its international borders to welcome temporary visa holders: Immigration Minister Alex Hawke

Australia which had imposed border restrictions for almost the whole of last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic is now ready to welcome temporary migrants such as international students and visitors according to the newly appointed Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

In a recent interview to SBS Australia, he said that the government is ready to open its international borders According to Hawke, ‘’… the government is rolling out our vaccination program and preparing for the opening of our international borders, so we can have those important visits from tourists that spend so much money in our country – but also the international student sector, one of our largest export sectors, they value-add so inherently to the Australian economy – we want to get them back.”

This announcement comes in the wake of the latest data from the Department of Home Affairs which revealed that the offshore international student visa applications have gone down registering a decline by 65% in the second half of 2020 when compared to 2019.

According to the minister, migration will play a key role in the economic recovery of Australia from the pandemic. He said, “I’m convinced that the migration program will be a huge part of how we recover from COVID and whether we will be as successful as we can be on that journey.”

Australia is looking at its migration program to play a key role in the country’s economic recovery post the pandemic.