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If you wish to visit Australia for business purposes, then you must apply for the Australian Business Permit. Known as “Subclass 600”, this permit lets you visit Australia for business purposes. It’s a temporary permit designed to help organizations with business interests and associations in Australia.

Eligibility conditions

In order to apply for this permit, you must have a genuine reason to travel to Australia for business purposes. You must be outside Australia while you apply for this permit and while receiving a decision on your application.

You must meet the health and character requirements required by the Australian government.

You must have enough funds to support yourself while you are in Australia.

Documents required
  • Invitation from the host organization
  • Registration details if you are attending a conference
  • Letter from your employer stating the purpose of your visit
  • Travel itinerary and stay details and information about your Australian business contacts
  • Proof of employment and professional qualifications
  • Proof of previous contact with Australian businesses
Processing time

You can apply for Subclass 600 online. The processing time is around 10 days.

The Australian business permit has a validity 12 months. You can arrive in Australia in the validity period and stay for up to 3 months.

What you can do with a Business Visitor permit
  • Make queries on general business or employment
  • Enter into a business contract or renew an existing one
  • Investigate, negotiate, enter into or review a business contract
What you cannot do with a Business Visitor permit
  • You cannot work or provide services to a business organization in the country
  • You cannot sell any goods or services in the country
Is it possible for me to extend my stay in Australia on this permit?

You can only stay in Australia on a permit to visit for a total of 12 months or fewer unless there are exceptional circumstances. You must leave Australia before the expiry of your existing permit in case you are denied a new permit.

What are the different categories of business visitor permit?

You can start a business in Australia even for $1,000. The exact cost and funds required will depend on 2 factors. They are:

Business structure

The 4 most common Business structures in Australia are:

  • Sole trader: An individual who operates as a sole individual lawfully liable for all aspects of the business
  • Company: A lawful entity that is distinct from its shareholders
  • Partnership: An alliance of entities or individuals jointly running a business, but not as a company
  • Trust: An entity that holds income or property for the benefit of others

Business type

There are several business types in Australia of which the 3 most common are:

  • Independent contractor
  • A franchise
  • An online business
What are the number of visits granted under this permit?

There’s a possibility that you’ll only be able to enter once. If this is the case, you will need to apply for a new permit to return to Australia after your current one expires.

While you may travel to and from Australia as often as you like while your permit is valid, the total amount of time you spend in Australia cannot exceed the term of stay granted to you.

Can I travel to other Schengen countries with an Austrian business permit?

Yes. The Schengen states have removed their borders so that residents can freely travel between them.

However, please make it clear in your application which countries you want to visit. If Austria is your primary destination, you must apply at an Austrian representative authority regardless of where you intend to travel.

With a business permit, how long can I stay in Austria?

Within a 6-month period, a business permit is valid for 90 days. It implies that you have 6 months to enter the Schengen Area and remain for a maximum of 90 days. When the 90-day period is over, you must return to your home country.

Do I have to apply for a residence permit?

If you are neither an EEA citizen or a Swiss national and plan to stay in Austria for more than 6 months, you will need to apply for a residence permit. If your stay will be less than 6 months, you will not need a residence permit. However, you will require another permit that allows you to stay in the country. Work permits, study permits, and research permits are all available.

Is it possible to use a tourist permit for business?

Permits to Schengen states are uniform, and you can stay for the same amount of time in any Schengen country, whether for business or as a tourist. But a tourist permit cannot be used for business purposes.

This is owing to the fact that the standards vary depending on the reason for your permit application.

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