Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan welcomes thousands of immigrants each year through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

Candidates for SINP can apply under any one of the following categories:

International Skilled Worker Category
Saskatchewan Experience Category
Entrepreneur and Farm Category
1.International Skilled Worker Category

This category offers opportunities for skilled workers from outside Canada. Under this stream, the province of Saskatchewan will select candidates to nominate for immigration if they have the skilled work experience any one of Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupations.

2.Saskatchewan Experience Category

Under this category, foreign nationals who are already living and working in Saskatchewan and want to become permanent residents can apply. This program is divided into several streams.

3.Entrepreneur and Farm Category

This stream is open for those who want to start a business in the province or wish to own or operate a farm in Saskatchewan. Before you apply under any of these categories ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Canada offers nearly 80 different PNP programs, some of the popular PNP programs include:

1.Manitoba PNP
2.New Brunswick PNP
3.Ontario PNP
4.Saskatchewan PNP
5.Prince Edward Island PNP

Application Process

Application to the SINP is a two-step process.

In the first step you must first submit an Expression of Interest for SINP. Based on your qualifications you will be given a score out of 100 points using the SINP points assessment grid. To be eligible you must score a minimum of 60 points out of 100. Candidates with the highest scores will be invited to apply for the SINP. In the second step, you must submit an official application for provincial nomination. Once your application is approved you can directly apply to the Canadian government for your permanent resident status.

The processing time for the visa can vary between 4  to 32 weeks depending on the subcategory you are applying under.

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What is an SINP International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest [EOI]?

A pre-application that is required by the SINP. An SINP International Skilled Worker EOI involves filling out an online form as a way of indicating an interest in applying to the SINP.

Are all EOIs invited by the SINP?

No. Not all are invited. Profiles from the International Skilled Worker EOI system that have the skills needed by the provincial job market in Saskatchewan are selected. If selected, a candidate will be issued an Invitation to Apply.

Can I make multiple EOI profiles with the SINP?

No. A candidate can have only 1 EOI profile with the SINP at any given point in time.

Is there a ‘cap’ or limit on the total number of candidates that can submit an EOI with the SINP?

No. There is no limitation on the number of candidates that might submit their EOI to Saskatchewan Canada PNP

How often do SINP draws take place?

Typically, SINP draws take place on a bi-monthly basis.

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