Migrate to Austria

Austria is an attractive destination for immigrants. The country has a thriving economy and encourages immigrants from all over the world to settle here.

A long-term stay of more than 6 months in Austria requires a residence permit. However, EU citizens are exempted from seeking a residence permit if their stay in the country is limited to 3 months. You must apply for the residence permit even before you leave for Austria. You will be allowed to enter the country only after approval of your residence permit.

Applying for a residence permit

You must submit your application for a residence permit even before you enter Austria. The application must be made to the Austrian representative authority in your country. Your application will be sent to Austria and you will have to wait for approval before you enter the country. It is advisable to make your application at least 3 months before your planned entry to Austria.

Certain categories of individuals can apply for their residence permit after their entry in Austria.

  • Spouses and children of EU & EFTA citizens
  • EU citizens and other foreign nationals who are eligible to enter Austria under the waiver program on the permit to migrate

Residence permits are issued for either employment, study or research. To cover your living expenses, you must have a stable source of income.

 Application process
  • Only complete applications must be submitted.
  • They must be handed in person.
  • If the applicant is under the age of 18, both parents must sign the application.
  • Since all applications must be processed in Austria, it will take at least 1 month to complete.
What are the different types of residence permits issued in Austria?
  • Nufenthaltsbewilligung or temporary residence permit (for temporary stay in Austria)
  • Betriebsentsandter for employees sent on temporary duty
  • Rotationsarbeitskraft for company representatives/managers/executives
  • Selbsttändiger for self-employed individuals
  • Forscher for researchers in Austrian educational institutions
  • Künstler for self-employed artists
  • Sonderfälle unselbständiger Erwerbstätigkeit for journalists, guest lecturers
  • Student for individuals attending college/university in Austria
  • Schüler for students attending school (grade 1-12) in Austria
  • Niederlassungsbewilligung – this permit is for foreign nationals who plan to live in Austria for a period exceeding 6 months.

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