DEPENDENT PERMIT – Live Abroad With Your Spouse, Children and Parents

The most common reason people tend to migrate is to obtain and provide a better standard of living to their families. The Dependent Permit allows the immigrants to lead a happy life with their families and loved ones. It enables professionals, teachers, permanent residents, and others to relocate their families from their home country. 

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There are two types of Dependent Permit(Temporary & Permanent)
  • 1. Temporary Permits
  • Temporary Permits are for candidates having work, intra-company transfer, student, and fiance.

  • 2. Permanent Permits
  • Permanent Permits are for spouses or children between the age of 18-21 years (Make a note that it varies from country to country). 

Immigration dependents

Spouse/partners on Temporary Dependent Permits have limited work rights based on their validity in the countries (except the U.S).

Dependents granted with Permanent Residence Permits have the right to live, study and work for as long as they remain permanent residents.

Dependent Permit Details:

Countries across the world provide Dependent Permits with various benefits to reunite immigrants with their families. These permits usually allow immigrants to move their immediate family members residing in another country after a quick process that focuses on the financial capacity of the immigrant. With Dependent Permits, they can:

  • Stay in the country, if they are applying under the sponsorship of their relative
  • Work or Study in some cases
  • Travel in that country
Eligibility For Applying For Dependent Permit:

There are NO standard eligibility requirements for Dependent Permits, as different countries have different needs. However, the following conditions are most common:

  • Candidates should possess a valid passport
  • The sponsor must have adequate financial resources to support the dependents
  • Work and income proof of the sponsor must be submitted
  • Medical examination and proof of proper insurance for dependents is required

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What are the sponsorship conditions when an immigrant wants to bring his dependents to Canada?

When a relative arrives in Canada, the sponsor must provide financial assistance to their dependants. To be a sponsor, the permanent resident or citizen must:

  • Sign a sponsorship agreement with the relative in which he promises to provide him with financial assistance, if necessary.
  • Provide financial assistance to a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner for a period of three years from the date of permanent residence of the spouse.
  • Provide a dependent child with financial assistance for 10 years, or until the child turns 25, whichever comes first.
What are the necessities to bring your spouse to Canada?

Canada spouse permit requirements include:

  • Valid passport copy
  • Background verification
  • Marriage certificate
  • Other proof of relationship
  • Income proof of sponsor to show adequate finances
  • Completed form and consulate fees
What are the options to bring your spouse to Canada?

When your spouse is outside Canada, you should submit under the Family Class (outland) category. Your spouse can come to the country on a temporary permit while the sponsorship form is being sponsored.

You can sponsor your spouse or partner even if they are living in Canada, provided you are holding a valid immigration status or have submitted for an open work permit to work in Canada while the permit is being processed.

What is a Dependent Permit, and how does it work?

A Dependent Permit is a Permit that allows spouses and children to go to another country to accompany or join a family member who has a corresponding Permit.

Dependents of a lawful migrant to a country, such as spouses, dependent children, or parents, can enter and reside in the country with a dependent permit.

To get the permit on behalf of the dependents, the candidate has to prove that he has enough funds to support the dependents and will not rely on state or public funds to support them. Dependents on their part will have to prove that they intend to live with the primary candidate during their stay and their relationship is genuine.

Children under the age of 18 must demonstrate that they do not live independently and rely on the primary candidate for support.

Need to provide the relationship proof, such as a marriage certificate for a spouse and a birth certificate for children, are necessary.

What is the processing time for a spouse permit?

The processing period for a Spouse Permit varies depending on the country of origin and personal circumstances. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

A spouse permit in Canada can take up to 12 months to process, while a spouse permit in Australia can take anywhere from 11 to 15 months. The spouse permit takes about 2 to 12 weeks in the UK, and 6 to 9 months on average in the US.

Does the spouse permit applicant have to take an English language test?

For the UK, if the spouse permit applicant is not from a majority English-speaking country and does not have a legitimate degree, they may be required to take an approved English language examination to demonstrate that they meet the English language criteria.

The English language test must be approved by the Home Office and administered by a Secure English Language Testing (‘SELT’) provider. Only Trinity College London (UK only) or the IELTS SELT Consortium offer SELT tests (UK and overseas).

From late 2021, Australia plans to announce modifications to the English language criteria for spouse/partner permits. To submit for a Permanent Residency, partner permit, candidate must have a functional level of English. Functional English is defined as an overall band score of at least 30 in each section of the PTE or an average band score of at least 4.5 in all four sections of the IELTS.

For a spouse permit to Canada, IELTS is not necessary.

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