Business Visa To The USA

Why the USA?

  •   Center of global commerce
  •   Visit for 6-12 months
  •   Facilitates multiple business activities
  •   Promote sales
  •   For research
Business Visa USA – B1 Visa:

B1 is a non-immigrant visa for people who would like to travel to USA for a short duration on business. This visa allows you to attend a conference, meet businesses and organizations and other related activities. However, it does not allow you to conduct business.

Expert Support For Your USA Business Visa

USA offers great scope for businesses to grow. USA Business Visa is the perfect solution if you are seeking to expand your business footprint and explore opportunities. With our expertise and experience with immigration, Y-Axis is your best bet to create a visa application with the highest chances of success.

Why USA?
  • Equal opportunity
  • Open to new ideas and innovation
  • Clear rules
  • Access to skilled and talented workers
  • Diverse culture
USA Business Visa Process

This visa should be applied a minimum of 2-3 months in advance. Security clearance and processing may take more time in some cases. Personalized interview is required in some cases and may further delay your process. Duration of stay is determined by the date your form is stamped. There are no annual quota or limit to B1 Visas.

Looking to visit USA for business?

With extensive knowledge of USA immigration, Y-Axis can help you create a thorough business visa application package with the highest chances of success.

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