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Why GSS Visa?

  • Migrate to Canada in 15 days
  • Shortest route to work in Canada
  • Two-week processing time
  • Talented skilled professionals can get in quickly
  • Foreign skilled workers are more eligible

Canada GSS Visa

GSS or Global Skills Strategy visa has been introduced to invite highly-skilled workers. The aim of introducing this visa is to process it at a fast speed so that more and more international employees can be hired to tackle the challenge of the shortage of workers.

Applicants have to meet the eligibility criteria which will also include police certificates. All the requirements are needed to be submitted along with the application. The application will not be processed within two weeks if it is incomplete or it has missing requirements.

Eligibility criteria for GSS Visa

If you want to become eligible for the Global Skills Strategy Visa and also want the processing time to be two weeks, there are two pathways and you have to follow any one of them so that the application can be processed within two weeks.

LMIA Exempt

You need to follow the GSS visa requirements below if you want to be LMIA-Exempt:

  • You have to apply for a visa from outside Canada.
  • Your level of job should be any of the following
    • Skill type 0 or managerial
    • Skill level A or professional
  • The jobs should be available in the National Occupational Classification system.
  • Your employer has to submit the offer letter on the Employer portal along with the payment of the employer compliance fee.

LMIA Required

If you need an LMIA, you need to follow the requirements below:

  • You have to submit your application from outside Canada.
  • Your LMIA should be positive under the Global Talent Stream that comes under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Spouses and Dependents

Your spouse, common-law partner, and children are also eligible to apply for this visa to get the application processed within two weeks. All your dependents have to apply with you simultaneously so that their visas are processed within two weeks. They have to apply for the following visas

  • Canada visit visa
  • Canada work permit
  • Canada study permit

The complete applications have to be submitted along with the application of the primary applicant.

Requirements for the GSS Visa

The requirements needed for the GSS work permit are listed below

  • Application form should be duly filled
  • Medical check-up if required
  • If a health examination is required, you will have to go for it before submitting your application
  • Police clearance certificate if required. You need to visit the local office to verify the requirements
  • Processing fee
  • Submission of biometrics results before the submission of the application.
Steps to apply for the GSS Visa

Here are the steps that you have to follow to apply for the Canada GSS Visa:

Step 1: Navigate to the work permit application

Step 2: Click Apply online

Step 3: Click the country or territory from where you are applying for the visa

Step 4: Download all the requirements if needed from the list of documents

Step 5: You have to submit the translations of all the requirements in English or French if they are available in any other language. This will help in processing the visa in two weeks.

How Y-axis can help you?

Y-Axis, a pioneer in Canada immigration and visa consulting services for decades. Our expert teams have helped and worked on hundreds and thousands of Canadian visa applications for many individuals to become Global Indians. We have the expert knowledge and decades of experience to help you with the all-round process for application. 

Our impeccable services include:

  • Coaching services: Y-Axis coaching services will help ace your scores for the standardized tests of Canada
  • Points Calculator: You can evaluate your eligibility to work or migrate to Canada before using through Canada Immigration Points Calculator.
  • Jobs search in Canada: We help you to find a job in Canada through our Job search assistance 
  • Counseling services: We provide Free counseling options from our Canada immigration experts on how to begin the visa process, also for the opportunities you are searching for, etc. 
  • Webinars: We also arrange free webinars about Canadian immigration and work in Canada etc., by our expert immigration professionals that help you to accomplish your professional goals smoothly.
  • Expert guidance: Our expert guidance will help you understand the step-by-step process of working in Canada.

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