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Why Canada work permit?

  • Availability of 1 million job vacancies in Canada
  • 600,000+ work permits issued in 2023
  • Earn an average salary up to CAD 50,000 to CAD 60,000
  • Work for up to 40 hours a week
  • 7.5% increase in average salaries 
  • 25 annual paid leaves 

Canada Work Visa

The Canada work permit is an official document that authorizes an international worker to seek employment in Canada. Candidates with a prior employment contract from a Canadian employer can apply for a Canada work permit. Canada is one of the fastest-thriving countries in the world, with endless career opportunities for foreign-skilled workers.

The country offers different immigration pathways for international workers. The country offers different immigration pathways for international workers with 608,420 work permits that were issued in the year 2022.

Canada work visa benefits

Canada is one of the top countries to migrate to, with plenty of career opportunities.

Some of the benefits of working in Canada are listed below –

  • Canada has the 8th largest economy globally, with many job options for skilled professionals worldwide.
  • Canada offers high packages with a decent annual income ranging from CAD 54,000.
  • The working hours in Canada are flexible, creating a convenient work-life balance for the employees.
  • Canada’s living cost is affordable compared to the other developed countries.
  • Candidates can apply for Canadian citizenship upon meeting the required eligibility criteria.

Jobs in Canada

There are over 1 million jobs in Canada with in-demand occupations that are offer high salary packages to skilled foreign workers.

Given below is the breakdown of the top in-demand occupations in Canada along with the average salaries.

Occupation Average Salary range in CAD
Sales Representative $52,000 to $64,000
Accountant $63,000 to $75,000
Engineering Project Manager $74,000 to $92,000
Business Analyst $73,000 to $87,000
IT Project Manager $92,000 to $114,000
Account Manager $75,000 to $92,000
Software Engineer $83,000 to $99,000
Human Resources $59,000 to $71,000
Customer Service Representative $37,000 to $43,000
Administrative Assistant $37,000 to $46,000


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Canada Immigration programs

The top immigration programs that Canada offers are given below –

Types of work permits in Canada

Canada offers seven different types of work permits for candidates who wish to work in Canada.

LMIA of Canada

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an authorization document the Canada-based employer may require to recruit foreign workers.

Candidates looking to work in Canada would require a positive LMIA or a confirmation letter to enter Canada and explore the local job market options.

LMIA-Exempt categories that require a job offer

The LMIA-Exempt categories that require an employment contract are –

  • NAFTA Work permit
  • CETA work permit
  • IMP (International Mobility Program)
  • Intra Company Transfers

Open Work Permit Visa Canada

The Canadian open work permit is a non-job-specific permit allowing candidates to work for any employer.

Open work permit holders may have conditions like –

  • Type of work
  • Duration of work
  • Workplace choices

Who can apply for open work permit?

The visa holders of the list given below can apply for an open work permit –

What are the requirements for an open work permit?

The basic requirements for an open work permit holder are –

  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Evidence of a clear criminal record
  • Evidence of good health
  • Meet the other eligibility criteria like language skills, insurance, etc.

IEC Canada

IEC, also known as International Experience Canada, allows skilled foreign candidates to enter Canada and seek employment for up to 2 years.

The three major types of work and travel experiences are as follows –

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op (Internship)

Canada work permit eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria for a Canada work permit are as follows –

  • The applicant must provide evidence of exiting Canada upon the work permit’s expiration.
  • The applicant must have a valid employment offer.
  • The applicant must have scored 6.5 in IELTS and 5 in CLB.
  • The applicant is required to have sufficient proof of funds.
  • The applicant must provide a criminal clearance certificate
  • The applicant must provide a medical certificate.
  • The applicant must provide proof of not working for an ineligible employer.
  • The applicant must be able to provide any other additional requirements as per the immigration officer’s demand.

Canada work permit requirements

The requirements for a Canada work permit are given below –

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report
  • English language proficiency test scores (IELTS/PTE)
  • A minimum of 1-2 years of work experience
  • A valid employment contract in Canada
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Criminal clearance record
  • A PNP nomination (optional)

Canada work permit process

You can follow the simple steps given below to apply for a Canada work permit –

Step 1: Check your eligibility with Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator

Step 2: Acquire an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) 

Step 3: Arrange the requirements for the Canada work permit

Step 4: Apply for the work permit

Step 5: Work and reside in Canada upon receiving an ITA.

Canada work permit cost

The cost of a Canadian work permit is CAD 155 per applicant.

A complete breakdown of the Canada work permit fee is given in the table below –

Canada work permit Fees
Work permit per person 155
Work permit per group of 3 or more performing artists 465
Open work permit 100
Renew your work permit status
Renew your status ($200) & Get a new work permit ($155)

Canada work permit processing time

The Canada work permit processing time can take around 20 to 22 weeks, based on the mode and type of application.

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