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Customer Success Ratings

Y-Axis is a name famous for its principles, innovation, and ethics dedicated to providing the latest information, guidance, and services to ease the process for aspirants wanting to immigrate overseas. The positive experience and opinions of our customers have aided the Y-Axis to outshine and expand.

Y-Axis aims to be your all-inclusive stop, whether it is study, migration, business, investment, travel, skill-based pursuits, or even health-related visits. The founder’s vision was not limited to just immigration consulting and processing. He envisioned providing all services in one place.

Our key services:

Y-Axis offers a broad range of services like:

  • Immigration consulting and processing
  • Resume Writing and Marketing
  • Expert Guidance in Overseas admissions
  • Counseling services
  • Immigration services
  • Travel services
  • Licensure services

Intolerance towards counterfeit or deceitful activities is the motivation behind the success and growth of Y-Axis.

Y-Axis is thankful to its customers who shared their joyful experiences with the world fostering faith among the new aspirants to choose us for their overseas initiatives.

Our commitment to providing quality service and the information is supported by a committed research team aided by a respectful counseling team who promptly responds to your queries, assisting you at every step.

The modest beginnings of Y-Axis was the framework for the process of transforming ourselves at every step during our expansion. We considered the feedback of our customers, and it eventually helped us find opportunities to cater to them for customer satisfaction.

The testimonials and ratings of Y-Axis motivate us to continue putting efforts and provide global permits, travel, and other related services in one spot.

At Y-Axis, we channel your aspirations.

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