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Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada located in the East Coast of North America. The province has a growing economy whose main growth areas are agriculture, tourism and fishing.

Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program is also known as the PEI PNP.

Prospective immigrants, with the right experience and skills, can apply for a nomination under through the PEI PNP. Those successful in securing a PEI PNP nomination can then apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

PEI PNP draws in 2022
Sl. No. Invitation Date Invitations sent to Business Impact Category Invitations sent to Express Entry and Labour Impact categories Total invitations in draw
1 November 3, 2022 NA 39 39
2 November 17, 2022 8 141 149
3 October 20, 2022 10 194 204
4 September 15, 2022 5 142 147
5 August 18, 2022 4 117 121
6 July 21, 2022 27 138 165
7 June 16, 2022 Labour Impact/Express Entry 127 N/A
8 June 16, 2022 Business Impact 9 62
9 May 20, 2022 16 137 153
10 April 21, 2022 11 130 141
11 March 17, 2022 11 130 141
12 February 17, 2022 6 117 123
13 January 20, 2022 11 121 132
Total 1577



Prince Edward Island PNP streams
Category Stream Sub-stream
Labour Impact Critical Worker

Effective June 2019, the Critical Worker Stream might be utilized for talent recruitment outside of Canada under:

·       Trucking Sector Pilot

·       NOC – C Initiative

Skilled Worker Skilled Worker in PEI
Skilled Worker outside Canada
International Graduate
PEI Express Entry
Business Impact Work Permit
Community Endorsement

Note. NOC: National Occupational Classification matrix that classifies each of the jobs available in the Canadian labour market.

PEI Express Entry pathway is linked with the federal Express Entry system that comes under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

A nomination under PEI Express Entry guarantees an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence by IRCC. A PNP nomination is worth 600 CRS points for an Express Entry candidate. By CRS is implied the 1,200-point Comprehensive Ranking System matrix.

The higher your CRS score, the better the chances of your being invited to apply. It is the highest-ranked, based on the CRS scores in the IRCC Express Entry pool, that are invited by IRCC.

You cannot apply for permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry unless invited by IRCC to do so.

Labor impact category

For immigration candidates that have the required skills and experience to meet the specific requirements of the labor market in the province. The stream offers three separate pathways:

  • 1.Skilled Worker
    For workers that have been selected or identified by an employer in the province. To be eligible to apply under the Skilled Worker stream, the applicant must be either working in the province or have a job offer from an employee in the province.
  • 2. Critical Worker
    For workers that have been hired by an employer in the province and the employer wishes to sponsor them for permanent residence in Canada. The applicants can belong to either a semi-skilled or unskilled profession.
  • 3. International Graduate

Targeted at recent graduates from recognized universities and colleges in PEI that have already been hired by an employer in the province. Eligible applicants will have to work in a skilled profession related to their field of study.

Business impact category

The Work Permit Stream is for individuals who want to invest in a business in the province.


Total PEI PNP Draws in 2024

Month No. of draws Total no. of Invitations
February 3 224
January 1 136


Total Prince Edwards Island PNP Draws in 2023
Month  Number of Invitations issued
December 26
November 245
October  122
September  153
August  218
July 97
June 305
May 278
April 180
March 297
February 222
January  216
Total 2,359


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