The UK Dependent Visa

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Why the UK?

  • Reunites families
  • Permit after 2 years staying in the UK
  • Live indefinitely in the UK after 5 years
  • 2 Years validity
  • Avail quality education

Bring your dependents to the UK

The UK Dependent Permit enables UK residents and certain immigrants to bring their dependents to the UK to reside with them. You may bring your spouse, children, parents, and other close relatives to the United Kingdom with this permit.

The sponsor must demonstrate that he will be able to support his dependents while they are in the United Kingdom. He must show his bank statement to prove that he has the required funds.

Who is eligible?

Both families and children are eligible for this permit. The sponsor is the UK permanent resident or citizen whose family members can submit for this permit.

Dependents include:

  • Spouse or legal partner
  • Child under 18
  • A child over 18 if they’re currently in the UK as a dependent

There are various methods for you to get a Dependent permit for your family. These include:

  • UK Tier 2 permit: As a Tier 2 permit holder, you can submit for a dependent permit and bring your spouse and children with you. With this permit, you can study and work in the UK, but there are some restrictions. After five years, you can submit for Indefinite Leave to Remain, which allows you to stay in the UK indefinitely.
  • UK Parent, Spouse or Child Permit: British citizens and permanent residents may invite their non-UK-based dependent spouse, parents, or children to live with them. This permit will be valid for two years and six months, with the option to extend it.
UK dependent permit eligibility conditions

To qualify as a dependent, you must be the sponsor’s spouse, unmarried or civil partner. Children under 18 are also eligible for the permit to the UK as dependents of the sponsor.

As the sponsor’s spouse or partner, you must be able to demonstrate one of the following:

  • You are in a legally recognized civil union or marriage in the United Kingdom.
  • When you submit your form, you must have been in a relationship for at least two years. 
  • You must also demonstrate that you have a strong command of the English language.
  • You expect to marry or enter into a civil union within 6 months of your arrival in the United Kingdom.
  • You will also have to prove that you have good knowledge of the English language.
Dependent permit conditions

You won’t be able to use public funds if you have a Dependent Permit. You must demonstrate that your sponsor has the financial resources to help you and is able to sponsor your stay until your form can be accepted.

You will be given permission to enter the UK and unlimited freedom to remain in the UK if your Dependent Permit form is approved. There are no career limits, so you can work in any field and at any skill level.

Duration of stay

You will be granted permission to remain in the United Kingdom permanently if you meet the immigration conditions for this permit. After 5 years of continuous residence in the UK, holders of Dependency Permits may relate to British Naturalization as a British citizen.


The requirements for a Dependent Permit varies depending on the route under which you submit. The requirements for the Dependent Permit to the UK  includes:

  • Passport & travel history
  • Background verification
  • Marriage certificate
  • Other proof of relationship
  • Income proof of sponsor to show you have the required finances
  • Proof of having paid the fees for the Permit
  • Proof of English language skills
  • Children must be under the age of 18 at the time of submission
Process to submit the dependent permit

A Sponsor can choose to submit the permit either within or outside the UK

Submitting the permit within the United Kingdom

Dependents can choose to stay with their family members if they have come to the UK on a Family Visa. If they have come on another permit, they can change to a Family Visa to stay with their spouse, child or parent.

Submitting from outside the United Kingdom

Dependents who want to live with their spouse or partner, child, parent, or relative may submit for a Family Visa.

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