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Points-Based System (PBS)

The UK government announced new changes in the immigration system, known as the points-based system. The UK points-based system has been effective since January 2021 and is one of the significant immigration pathways to the UK. Candidates interested in migrating to the UK for study, investment, or work are segregated into five tiers, each with different eligibility criteria. Individuals looking to migrate must clear the points-based assessment and fulfill the requirements.


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The table given below has details of the factors and the points allotted for each of those factors:


      Maximum points

Job offer

20 points

Job at appropriate skill level

20 points

English speaking skills

10 points

Salary of 26,000 and above or relevant PhD in a STEM subject

20 points


70 points


UK Skilled Immigration Points Calculator

The key features of the UK points-based immigration system are as follows:

  • Both EU and non-EU immigrant candidates are treated equally.
  • Students, skilled workers, and highly skilled workers who plan on migrating to the UK follow the points-based system.
  • Skilled workers are required to have an employment contract or offer.
  • The immigration salary threshold has been reduced from 30,000 pounds to 26,000 pounds.  
  • Candidates are required to provide proof of English proficiency (A-Level)
  • Highly skilled workers are required to have a sponsorship from the UK government.
  • Students need an admission letter from a recognized institution, proof of funds, and English proficiency.



A quick eligibility check of Y-Axis is only to help the candidate understand how to get their scores. The points displayed are entirely based on your answers. Please note the points in each section are evaluated based on various parameters set in the immigration guidelines, and a technical evaluation is a must to know your accurate scores and eligibility. This helps you to find out which immigration program you can apply for. A quick eligibility check does not guarantee you the points below; you may score high or low points once our expert team technically evaluates you. Many assessing bodies process skills assessment, which will depend on your nominated occupation, and the assessing bodies will have their own criteria for considering a candidate as skilled. State/ territory authorities will also have criteria to allow sponsorships, which a candidate should satisfy. So, a candidate needs to apply for a technical evaluation.


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