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UK Eligibility Points Calculator

The government of the UK announced changes in the immigration system. The system is points-based and has been effective since January 2021. The critical features of the points-based immigration system include:

  • The candidates for immigration from both non-EU and EU nations are treated in the same manner
  • Students, skilled workers, and highly skilled workers who wish to come to the UK should follow the points-based system
  • An employment offer is necessary for skilled workers
  • The salary threshold for immigration has been reduced to 26,000 pounds annually, from 30,000 pounds as required earlier
  • The candidate needs to prove that they are proficient in English (A-level or equivalent)
  • The highly skilled workers are required to be sponsored by a UK body. They are not required to have a job offer.
  • The students are also evaluated under the system of points to be eligible to study in the UK. They need to provide evidence of an admission letter from the educational institute, proficiency in English, and funds.
  • At least 70 points are required.
  • An employment offer and fluency in speaking in English will fetch the candidate 50 points. In addition, 20 points are awarded to the candidates if they have any of the following qualifications:
    • Having an employment offer that offers you 26,000 pounds or more annually will help you score 20 points
    • 10 points for the Ph.D. degree and 20 points for a Ph.D. degree in a subject of STEM   
    • 20 points are awarded for a job where there is a shortage in the workforce
Category       Maximum points
Job offer 20 points
Job at appropriate skill level 20 points
English speaking skills 10 points

Salary of 26,000 and above or relevant PhD in a STEM subject

20 points
Total 70 points

The new system has increased opportunities for the migration of skilled workers. The altered requirements for the English language give the British employers benefit of access to a broader pool of skilled workers.

The government of the UK decided to remove the immigrants’ cap who are eligible to live in the UK under the skilled worker route.

The absence of a resident labor market test aids the skilled immigrants in conveniently finding a job in the country.

This redesigned system applies to all the migrants to the UK irrespective of whether they are from the EU or other nations. The application of a points-based system will help the government to apply a uniform immigration system based on the individual’s skills.


* Disclaimer:

Quick eligibility check of Y-Axis is only to help the candidate to understand their scores. The points displayed are based on your answers only. Please note the points on each section are evaluated based on various parameters set in the immigration guidelines and a technical evaluation is a must know your accurate scores and eligibility to find out which immigration program you can apply for. The Quick eligibility check does not guarantee you the below points, you may score high or low points once you are technically evaluated by our expert team. There are many assessing bodies that process skills assessment which will depend on your nominated occupation, and these assessing bodies will have their own criteria in considering a candidate as skilled. State/ territory authorities will also have their own criteria to allow sponsorships which a candidate should satisfy. So, it is very important for a candidate to go apply for a technical evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to get a permit if you have more points?

The maximum points you are awarded is 70 points. This is how the 70 points will be distributed in different sections based on your qualifications:

  • 70 points is the score required
  • An employment offer and the fluency to speak in English will get you 50 points. The extra 20 points that are required to qualify can be scored through either of the qualifications given below:
    • Having an employment offer with an income of 26,000 pounds or more annually will get you 20 points
    • 10 points for a Ph.D. degree or 20 points for a Ph.D. degree in a STEM subject
    • 20 points for an employment offer for a job where there is a shortage in the workforce
How many points are required to be eligible for a skilled worker visa?

A way for skilled individuals with an employment offer and sponsorship from an approved company to be included in the system of points-based immigration. You can benefit from the various points requirements and obtain the required number of points to be eligible for the visa. The permit for Skilled workers is based on the points system.

If you have a work offer from an authorized sponsor, you will be awarded 50 points if you have employment with the relevant skill qualification and proficiency in the English language at the required level.

If you are employed for a position that offers an income of 25,600 pounds annually, you will be awarded the remaining 20 points. You can score these additional points if you have more qualifications like as those listed below:

  • 10 points if you have a Ph.D. degree
  • 20 points if you have a Ph.D. degree in STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering, or math
  • 20 points if you have an employment offer in a field that is facing a skill shortage
How to migrate to the UK?

To migrate to the UK permanently, you need to apply for a long-term work visa by following the steps given below:

  1. Search for an employment
  2. Search for a suitable visa type.
  3. Apply for and obtain the UK visa.
  4. Migrate to the UK.
  5. Apply for an ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain
  6. Obtain an ILR
Can I move to the UK without a job offer?

Yes, you can move to the UK without a job offer provided you have adequate funds to support yourself or any dependents.

How long does the process of immigration to the UK take?

Depending on the application type, immigration to the UK takes 8 weeks to 6 months.