Sweden student permit

If you wish to study in Sweden and are a non-EU citizen, you must obtain a student permit in order to study in Sweden.

There are two types of student permits depending on the length of the study program:

Sweden student permit

Type C permits are short-term permits or travel permits that are valid for one or more entries and for a duration of up to 90 days.

 Type D permits, also known as ‘residence permit for studies’ is given for study programs that are more than six months long.

Language requirement to study in Sweden

While international students may enroll in English-taught courses, it is beneficial for them to learn Swedish. This will assist them in communicating with the local community and becoming acquainted with the culture.

For postgraduate and PhD courses, English study programs are available. Universities in Sweden recognize the following English language test scores:

  • Cambridge
Working while studying

If they have a work permit, students from non-EU countries can work here during their course. This necessitates a job offer from a Swedish employer. The permit can be applied for on your behalf at the Swedish Migration Agency by your employer.

What are the conditions to apply for a student permit in Sweden?

You must apply to a full-time university study program.

You must have written confirmation from the university that you have been accepted.

It is suggested that you pay the first tuition fee instalment (only if there is any tuition to be paid).

If you are staying for less than a year, you must have adequate health insurance.

Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

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