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Standardized examinations are used to evaluate permits for students and professionals in most advanced economies across the world. As a leading Immigration Consultant, we have observed the favorable impact of high exam results on work, student, and migrant permits. Y-Axis Coaching provides world-class coaching to help you achieve your international goals by assisting you in attaining your top score.

English language proficiency tests

International students seeking admission to foreign universities, and those seeking to migrate to certain countries are required to prove their proficiency in English language skills.

As for students, most universities ask for proof of their proficiency in the English language. This is often mandatory for their admission to courses in these universities.

Students and other immigrants to countries where these tests are mandatory can take any one of the following tests and submit their scores with their forms to prove their English language proficiency:

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Why Choose Y-Axis?With the help of Y-Axis coaching services in Dubai, preparation for these tests will be a lot better. The comprehensive, rigorous and well-designed training will help visa applicants tackle these tests efficiently and get a good score. The good news is now you can take the IELTS test from the Y-Axis Dubai IELTS coaching center without the need to take the test at another place. Y-Axis is the only immigration company to have its own IELTS test center.

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