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Why work Abroad?

  • Flexible work-life balance
  • Earn 5x more than your current salary
  • Over 20 Million job opportunities 
  • Lakhs of work permits issued in 2023 so far
  • Expand your professional network and settle abroad 

Get a Work Permit to Work Abroad 

A work visa or work permit allows you to live and work in a country for a certain period. Before applying for a work visa/work permit, it's vital to be aware of all the necessary criteria based on the visa type.

With a rich experience spanning over two and a half decades, Y-Axis has successfully assisted countless individuals in their pursuits to work overseas. Our overseas career professionals are well-versed with the abroad work policies and have an in-depth understanding of the visa procedures for all nations.


Benefits of Working Abroad

Some of the top benefits of working abroad are as follows:

  • Gain global work exposure to further grow your career.
  • Earn 10x times more than your salary in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds.
  • Explore the diverse cultural life abroad.
  • Enjoy citizen benefits, including Healthcare, Social, and retirement benefits. 
  • Thrive in an international environment and secure your family's future.


Types of Work Permits

There are two types of work permits: 

  • Temporary work permit: Allows you to work in the country for 2 to 4 years.
  • Permanent work permit: Allows you to work permanently in the country for 5 years along with a PR visa.

The above work permits differ based on the country and the type of employment.

Generally, each country has work visas/permits; the most popular ones are listed below:


US Work Visa

The US provides a variety of work visas, with the H-visa, L Visa, J Visa, O visa, and EB Visa being the most prevalent. To be eligible for a US work visa, you should work in certain professional fields, such as IT experts, architects, accountants, etc.


UK Work Visa

There are various UK work visa categories tailored to different qualifications and needs. The Tier 2 General visa stands out as the most sought-after option for international workers.


Canada Work Visa

A Canada Work Permit is granted to those who fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Individuals must secure a job offer or employment agreement from a Canadian employer before applying for this visa.

The hiring company is required to acquire an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada). This assessment allows them to hire overseas professionals for roles that Canadian citizens or permanent residents cannot occupy.


Australia Work Permit

Australia offers a range of temporary and permanent work visa options. In many cases, to qualify for an Australian work visa, an employer nomination is required, and the employer must file a distinct application for the prospective employee.


Germany Work Visa

The most common work visa in Germany is the EU Blue Card. You have to go through a points system measuring your qualifications to qualify for the German work visa.


List of Work Permits:

Given below is the list of work visas from six countries:








Work in Jobs Abroad

 The table given below has the list of top 5 countries and the total job vacancies available:  

Country No. of job opportunities
USA 8.8 million
Canada 1.1 million
Australia 8 lakh
UK 13 million
Germany 2 million


Work Permit Requirements

In order to acquire a work permit, the candidate must fulfill the eligibility criteria and meet certain requirements. The general requirements for work permits of most countries are given below:

Employment Offer: Candidates must have a valid job offer or an employment contract from an employer based in their chosen country. 

Note: In some cases, the employer is required to exhibit that the job position cannot be given to a local candidate. 

Educational Qualifications: Candidates must possess the required skills and qualifications to take up the job role.

Note: In some cases, depending on the country, proper validation is required for the recognition of the foreign qualifications.  

Language proficiency: Candidates must fulfill the language proficiency tests.

Note: English-speaking countries require English language tests like IELTS as a compulsion. 

Medical and Character Report: Candidates must submit criminal clearance certificates and medical certificates to avoid further impediments. 

Application Fee: The visa application fee usually differs for every country and includes biometric fees, administrative fees, etc. 


Work permit processing time

Generally, it takes 3 to 6 months to process a work visa. But it varies depending up on the country and type of work permit you choose to apply for.

The table given below has the list of the top 5 countries and the work permit processing times:  

Country Work permit Processing Time (Approximate)
Canada 1 - 27 weeks
The US 3 - 5 months (H-1B visa)
The UK 3 weeks - 3 months (Tier 2 visa)
Australia 2 - 4 months (TSS visa)
Germany 1 - 3 months (Blue Card)


Work permit Fees

The table given below has the list of top 5 countries and the work permit fees:

Country Work Visa Fees (Approximate)
Canada CAD 155 (Work Permit Fee)
The US USD 460 (H-1B Base Filing Fee)
The UK GBP 610 - 1,408 (Tier 2 visa, depending on the duration and if it's a "shortage" or "non-shortage" occupation)
Australia AUD 2,645 - 5,755 (TSS visa, depending on the stream and duration)
Germany EUR 56 - 100 (Blue Card, depending on specific circumstances)


*Note: The work permit fees tend to change from country to country, be it a temporary or permanent work visa. 


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