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The Y-Axis Dubai points calculator system is an easy way for you to evaluate your profile’s strength if you are planning to work, study or settle abroad.

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When you decide to move abroad to either work, study or settle abroad, the first thing you need to know is if you are eligible to move to a particular country. This will help you decide whether it is worth your time and effort to submit for the permit to move to a specific country. This is where eligibility evaluation is important.

 Y-Axis helps you make an informed decision about moving abroad with our Eligibility Evaluation process. With an Eligibility Evaluation, we assess your profile against the prevailing immigration norms and helps to evaluate your submission.

The Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation helps you check your eligibility with the Y-Axis points calculator. This will help you understand the strong factors in your profile which will help you decide to which country you will have greater chances of migrating.

It will help you make an informed decision from the choices available before you.

An Eligibility Evaluation will also help you realize the drawbacks in your profile which you can work upon with the help of professional services provided by Y-Axis. We give you a cost and time estimate for how this will be done, so that you are well aware of what all to expect.

As we said, each country has its own individual eligibility requirements. Countries like Australia, Canada, U.K, and Germany follow a points-based system to assess the eligibility of candidates who wish to migrate to the country for residency, work or study. In order to meet the eligibility norms for these countries, you must score the required points. The number of points and the criteria for getting these points differ from country to country.

Before you fill the form for any of these countries, it is better that you get an eligibility evaluation done. This will help you understand if you meet the required criteria and can score the required points. This in turn will help you assess your chances of getting the permit.

The Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation provides you a score card and gives you the best options available to you based on your profile.

Components of the Evaluation Report