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Posted on July 15 2022

Australia immigration update: 231 invitations issued in Canberra Matrix draw

By Editor
Updated August 24 2023

News Highlights:

  • On July 13, 2022, a Canberra Matrix round of invitations for Australia immigration was held.
  • Australia seeks more capable and deserving immigrants.
  • The highest-ranked matrix in each job received invitations to apply for a nomination from ACT.

The latest Canberra Matrix round of invitations was held on July 13, 2022, inviting 231 Australia immigration candidates. Here are the details of the round:

Matrix nomination for small business owners

  • ACT 491 nominations: 3 invitations
  • ACT 491 min. matrix score: 75
  • ACT 190 nominations: 4 invitations
  • ACT 190 min. matrix score: 90

Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders

  • ACT 491 nomination: 0 invitation
  • ACT 190 nomination: 1 invitation

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations

  • ACT 491 nomination: 65 invitations
  • ACT 190 nomination: 46 invitations

Overseas applicants

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations:

  • ACT 491 nomination: 106 invitations
  • ACT 190 nomination: 6 invitations

*For more latest Australia immigration news please click here.

About Canberra Matrix

The Canberra Matrix is a weighted scoring system. It's intended to give potential immigrants capable of making a positive economic contribution to the ACT the chance to secure a nomination for permanent selection. This becomes a pathway for them to immigrate to Australia. These candidates may also have demonstrated a genuine commitment to living and working in ACT. They shall willingly work for the development of the territory. The Canberra Matrix is completed for nominations for both ACT 190 and ACT 491. Here’s the method of submitting the Canberra Matrix.

  • Read the nomination criteria of the ACT for your chosen pathway carefully and ensure that you have the eligibility to claim Matrix points.
  • Furnish your personal information.
  • Select one of these nominations: ACT 491 or ACT 190.
  • Select either “overseas applicant” or “Canberra resident”.
  • Select “yes” or “no” for ‘Doctorate Streamlined nomination’.
  • If “yes” was your choice for the last option, submit the Matrix.
  • In case Canberra resident and overseas applicants = “yes”, then complete the Canberra Matrix.
  • Select one option in the drop-down menu for each category of the Matrix (doesn’t apply to "Doctorate Streamlined”).

Note: Once submitted, the Canberra Matrix can’t be withdrawn or updated. Also, a Matrix has a validity of 6 months, beyond which it will expire if an invitation isn’t issued. It can’t be reactivated once it’s lapsed. If you are willing to migrate to Australia, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE. If you find this blog engaging, you may also like: Collaborations with 10 world destinations to foster remote work overseas


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