Resumes that lead you to work in Canada – How to write them

How to write an impressive Canadian resume

Let’s look at some very useful tips on writing a resume when you want to grab an opportunity to work in Canada. We trust you already are abreast with the job market in Canada and you know which companies are best suited for your professional skills and experience.

Here we will discuss the tips as Dos and Don’ts. First, let’s check out the common mistakes in resume writing that you must avoid.

The Don’ts

  • Unless you are an actor or model, you are not required to include your photo on your resume.
  • Don’t share personal information like age, race, country of origin, marital status, religion, and similar details in which employers are not interested. Just give your name and contact details.
  • Don’t write a lengthy resume. Keep it to max 2 pages while 1 page will be the best. What the employer is looking for in your resume is your best, recent, and most relevant work experience. Keep your resume short by sticking to such important and relevant information only.
  • Don’t include references in the resume. You could furnish references once you have an interview with your potential employer as required by them.
  • Don’t give a fancy email in the resume for communication. Let your email be an appropriate one containing your name. Don’t give your potential employer a reason to dump your resume at the first glance by giving emails like

Now, let’s look at some things we recommend you do to make your resume work the best.

The Do’s

  • Write a resume specific to the post you are applying for. Refrain from the habit of sending generic resumes to every job opportunity you come across.
  • Use numbers to demonstrate what you achieved and how your work made a difference. Quantify your achievements in numbers and percentages.
  • Write your resume in the third person and give information in short and clear sentences without errors in spelling or grammar.
  • It’s worth it to include work experience that did not pay you. If you have done some volunteering, mention that in the resume. It will still mean that you are active and resourceful.
  • Include a cover letter. The cover letter can be written in the first person and you must attempt to connect with the recruiter. It should say who you are and the reason for you to choose to apply for the particular job. Tell them how you being a part of the company can solve their problems and make the establishment a better one.

We saved the best tip till now. Build a network in Canada involving friends, relatives, and industry networking bodies. Get updates on job opportunities and best practices from these parties who have first-hand experience in matters related to the job market. Take part in industry networking events through websites and social media and get a footing in Canada. This will help you to be more confident and look more willing to work in Canada for real.

Also, don’t hesitate to apply for a job for which you seem to be underqualified. If you could convince the recruiter that you are ready to learn on the job and improve yourself, you could have a good chance of being selected.

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