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Posted on October 19 2022

BC Tech Stream, the best route for Tech workers to migrate to Canada

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights for BC Tech Stream to migrate to Canada

  • British Columbia’s Tech Stream program enhances chances for tech professionals to migrate to Canada
  • British Columbia has a list of 29 targeted occupations for tech professionals under its PNP Tech Stream.
  • BC PNP Tech Stream quickly helps in obtaining a work permit and also while working the PR application is automatically processed.
  • The Global Talent Scheme (GTS) of the federal government, PNPs of other Provinces, and BC’s programs are the faster routes for tech workers.

British Columbia (BC) immigration Stream for Tech Professionals

BC’s technology worker immigration stream is one of the stand-out examples to boost the number of newcomers to the country for the essential sector. It benefits the country’s economy in the current situation.

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Easiest ways to reach Canada as a tech professional

  • Provincial Nominee Program streams in other provinces
  • The federal government’s Global Talent Stream
  • British Columbia’s program (A pilot program initially, till it was permanent)

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Canadian provinces facing dire requirement for people to work in Canada


The Tech Stream of BC permits tech people to reach Canada quickly with a work permit and work while their PR applications are being processed.

These paths are more accessible to employers.

BC has a long list of eligible occupations which are based on 29 NOC (National Occupational Classification) codes which will soon be replaced with NOC 5-digit codes.

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Other work permits for Tech professionals

Ontario is one of the main competitors of British Columbia to conduct tech draws based on Human Capital Priorities Streams. Ontario targets only six occupations for the tech draws. In this way, it is limiting its choices and indirectly benefiting BC.

The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is a federal work permit program that offers visas in just two weeks. GTS targets around 12 occupations. The only limitation is that employers need to go through red tape to gain access. Employers find it difficult to bring tech workers using this program.

Sometimes, GTS program process includes getting referred by a third-party organization that is approved by ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) which operates the program.

However, in comparison, BC programs and its list of eligible occupations provide easy access for employers to get high-tech talent.

Around 1,697 nominations were sent through BC PNP Tech, which account for 27.3 percent of the skilled workers nominated by British Columbia in 2021.

How does BC PNP Tech Work?

BC PNP Tech is a stream of British Columbia (BC) immigration that processes one of the key occupations which are in demand for the technology sector.

This stream sends a weekly invitation to the candidates based on the 29 identified eligible occupations that are listed under the BC technology sector.

Technology company-related employers find this process more accessible due to the presence of outlined occupations. BC PNP Tech stream provides priority to the technology sector applications for the existing BC categories.

The candidate needs to meet the mandated requirements of each BC immigration category along with a minimum of one-year job offer from an employer in BC.

The BC PNP Tech stream program mainly conducts draws for International Graduates and Skilled Workers.

Key features of BC PNP Tech Stream

  • Technology employers have access to appropriate information about the immigration program.
  • Tech employers have in-time access to qualified professionals in the 29 key tech occupations as the weekly invitations are sent by the Stream.
  • Priority processing helps employers to have a dedicated tech team.
  • With this Stream, there is focused outreach for the tech sector and a constant engagement of tech employers.

What are the 29 target occupations under BC PNP Tech?

NOC Code

Job Title

Telecommunication carriers managers


Computer and information systems managers


Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts


Civil engineers


Mechanical engineers


Electrical and electronics engineers


Chemical engineers


Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)


Information systems analysts and consultants


Database analysts and data administrators


Software engineers and designers


Computer programmers and interactive media developers


Web designers and developers


Biological technologists and technicians

Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians


Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)


Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics


Computer network technicians


User support technicians


Information systems testing technicians


Authors and writers



Translators, terminologists and interpreters


Broadcast technicians


Audio and video recording technicians


Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts


Other technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts

Graphic designers and illustrators


Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade

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BC PNP Tech Stream

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