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Posted on December 29 2022

Top in-demand occupations in Australia 2023

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Why work in Australia?

  • Australia has the 14th largest economy in the world.
  • It offers attractive and various employment opportunities.
  • Australia offers 16 types of work visas.
  • The healthcare system of Australia is inexpensive.
  • International professionals can get Australia PR in less than three years.

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Migrate to Australia via work visa

International individuals having the skills and capabilities to boost the economy and workforce of Australia are welcomed in the country. They can migrate to Australia by applying for an Australian work visa. The visas are particularly designed to encourage candidates to gain sponsorship through an employer based in Australia or to secure the nomination.

Many foreign nationals opt to work and live in Australia due to the high standard of living and multiple employment opportunities available.

For work in Australia, the candidate must evaluate their eligibility for a suitable skilled work visa. First, the candidate must ensure that their occupation is in the relevant SOL or Skilled Occupation List of Australia. The SOL comprises a list of occupations that are in demand in the country.

The GSM, or General Skilled Migration Program of Australia, is a points-based system. It assesses eligibility based on factors such as age, academic qualifications, proficiency in the English language, skilled work experience, and the like. The candidates must score a minimum of 65 points. The essential documents required are given below:

  • Skill Assessment Report from a valid assessing authority
  • IELTS test for proficiency in English
  • Documents related to Skilled Employment

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Types of Australia work visas

There are multiple work visas for Australia. They are listed below:

  • Global Talent Visa- subclass 858
  • Employer Nomination Scheme Visa- subclass 186
  • Permanent Skilled Regional Visa- subclass 191
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Visa- subclass 187
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa- subclass 494
  • Skilled Independent Visa- subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated Visa- subclass 190
  • Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa- subclass 476
  • Skilled Regional Visa- subclass 887
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa- subclass 489
  • Skilled Work Regional Visa- subclass 491
  • Temporary Activity Visa- subclass 408
  • Temporary Graduate Visa- subclass 485
  • Temporary Work International Relations Visa- subclass 403
  • Temporary Work Visa for Short Stay Specialist- subclass 400
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa- subclass 482

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Requirements for Australia work visa

The documents required to apply for an Australian work visa are given below:

  • Valid Passport
  • Duly filled Visa Form of Australia
  • Paid Visa Fee
  • One photograph
  • National Identity Card
  • Certification by the Police
  • Family Certificates
  • Proof of adequate funds

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Top in-demand occupations in Australia

Detailed information about the in-demand occupations in Australia is given below:

  • IT and Software

Software programmers and IT business and systems analysts are one of Australia's most popular occupations.

According to the Australian government's NCS or National Skills Commission Skills Priority List of 2022, software and applications, programmers are the 2nd popular skills.

  • Engineering

In Australia, there is high demand for qualified engineers. About half of Australia's engineers come from other countries. Skilled international professionals are essential to the Australian economy.

Australia requires an additional 30,000 engineers to address the workforce shortage.

  • Accounting and Finance

Finance is one of the flourishing industries. In Australia, it is one of the most secure careers. Entry-level candidates have good opportunities to progress in the finance sector of Australia.

The finance industry of Australia is experiencing rapid changes, with a focus on innovation and digital transformation. Leaders in financial services are focusing on renewing the country's economic growth and matching the evolving market demand and expectations. The critical areas include:

  • Workforce transformation
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation in business model
  • Platforms for collaborative operating
  • HRM or Human Resources Management

The professionals in HRM in Australia have an average income of 80,000 AUD annually. They are employed in various sectors for positions like an HR manager, recruitment manager, security in-charge, recruitment consultant, and the like.

Organizations seek HR professionals who can lead in:

  • Upskilling employees and managers in the digital space
  • Developing strategies to address skills shortages
  • Attracting and retaining new employees

There is a demand for HR professionals with skills in senior generalist, talent acquisition, and development and learning roles.

  • Hospitality

The hospitality sector comprises tourism, accommodation, and food and services. It offers more than 1.5 million job roles in Australia and contributes over 90 billion AUD. As a sector, tourism provides 34 billion AUD to GDP, that is, 2.6 percent of the total GDP of Australia.

Recent data suggest that an additional 200,000 professionals are required in this specific industry in Australia.

  • Sales & Marketing

In 2021, the sales and marketing sector reached approximately 11.4 billion AUD, with all the sectors in online advertising witnessing significant growth.

Sales and marketing are essential for every business. They are linked and boost revenue or profit. Marketing help in building awareness about an organization or brand, sales convert the viewership to profits by transforming potential customers into promising customers.

  • Healthcare

The public healthcare system of Australia is known as Medicare. It offers healthcare to Australian residents free of cost or reduced cost. It is subsidized through the taxes that Australian residents pay. Medicare covers multiple vital treatments.

As per the Australian Job Outlook, job roles in the healthcare and welfare sector are expected to increase by 3000 annually. The average weekly income for the healthcare sector, approximately 2148 AUD, is more compared to the weekly income in Australia, that is, 1460 AUD.

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No PMSOL. Highest priority to Healthcare and teaching occupations, applying outside Australia

  • STEM

STEM is usually associated with academics, but the report by STEM Workforce of Australia shows that the VET or vocational education and training sector offers over 2/3rds of the STEM workforce.

Various industries have distinct levels of STEM requirements, and multiple works are needed to be done with the relevant packages for STEM-related activities.

  • Teaching

There are multiple jobs in Australia. Teaching is a rapidly growing and extensive employing sector. It consists of teaching at all levels of early childhood care and education, schools, and university lecturers and tutors.

The Australian government provides subsidies for the training of teachers.

  • Nursing

Nursing is a popular field. As a nurse, the candidate has an opportunity to contribute to the lives of common people. There is a high demand for nurses due to their skills and experience.

With the required skillsets, nurses can have a higher income. There is a requirement of 123,000 nurses by 2030 in Australia.

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Australia is in dire need of Teachers and Nurses. Granting Visas within few day! Apply now!

Steps to apply for Australia Work Permit

These are the steps one needs to follow to gain a work permit in Australia:

Step 1: Check for a suitable work visa category as per the eligibility of the candidate's profile

Step 2: Ensure that the eligibility requirements in the Skillselect system are met

Step 3: Make sure that the employer has filled and submitted an online nomination or sponsorship form before the candidate can apply for the visa.

Step 4: Submit the application form online for the visa category

Step 5: Provide the correct information and other documents with the application package

Step 6: Pay the required application fee for processing the visa

Work Permit to Australia PR

There are multiple ways to gain an Australian PR. The most popular types of pathways for temporary to permanent residency are:

  • 457 work visa to Australia PR

457 Visa holders who are employed in Australia for a minimum of 2 years with the same employer are eligible to apply for Australia PR under the Transitional Stream.

Holders of the 457 visa can apply under the ENS or Employer Nominated Scheme or the RSMS or Regional Employer Sponsored Scheme.

The employer is required to sponsor the permanent residency candidate through the Temporary Residence Transition stream and file a valid nomination in the Australian Department of Home Affairs. It is one of the popular pathways for permanent residency and offers many other benefits.

  • TSS 482 visa to Australia PR

Candidates who do not have a 457 visa but wish to work in Australia can avail of the TSS visa - Subclass 482. It is a new temporary work visa in Australia.

TSS visa holders who have been employed in Australia for the past three years with the same employer are eligible to apply for Australia PR through the TRT or Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

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In-demand occupations in Australia


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