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Posted on December 27 2022

What’s the jobs outlook in Australia in 2023?

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

How is the Australian Job Market in 2023?

To make a projection on the job scene in 2023, it’s necessary to understand the present scenario and look at the possibilities before exploring the Job outlook in Australia in 2023. Here's some important information you must know.

As of August 2022, there are 470,900 job vacancies in Australia. In this, there are 425,500 private sector openings and 45,300 public sector openings.

The top states that have the highest job vacancies in August 2022 are given below:

Australian state

No. of job vacancies (in thousands)

Northern Territory

New South Wales





Western Australia


The GDP in 2022-2023 is 3.25 percent. The forecast of GDP growth over 2022 is 3.25 percent. It will be 1.75 percent over the year 2023 and 1.75 percent over the year 2024.

The GDP growth in Australia is expected to take support from household consumption. A recovery in services exports will also be a contributing factor. Strong demand for labor is a strong possibility owing to which the unemployment rate could decline to 3.25 percent in the latter part of 2022.

The unemployment rate will then remain low as per the standards of the decades in recent times.

Immigration target for 2023

The total number of immigrants planned to be invited as per immigration levels in 2022-23 is 195,000. Here’s a break-up of the same:

Visa Stream

Visa Category 2022-23 Planning levels
Skill Employer-Sponsored


Skilled Independent



State/Territory Nominated

Business Innovation & Investment


Global Talent (Independent)

Distinguished Talent


Skill Total








Other Family

Family Total


Special Eligibility


Total Migration Program


Jobs outlook in Australia in 2023

Here are some of the top industries that are growing in Australia in 2023. These are also the industries that have great potential to generate employment for skilled immigrants.


The importance of healthcare as an industry is quite high in Australia. After the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals were required in large numbers. Such a requirement is still prominent and is expected to extend into 2023.

The major jobs in Australia with the highest number of opportunities for immigrants in 2023 will be:


Average annual salary
Registered nurses





The technological advancements in the field haven’t reduced the significance of teachers and educators at different levels of learning. Here are the teaching roles that will find high significance in 2023 in Australia.


Average annual salary
Primary School Teachers


University lecturers

Childcare Educators



Building and maintaining the infrastructure in the country is highly significant and requires qualified people who are specialists in their respective branches of the construction industry. Here are the roles in the construction sector that will be significant in 2023 in Australia.


Average annual salary
Construction Engineers


Information Technology

Lots of IT-based jobs in the corporate sector will need upgraded skills and potentially innovative people who drive the future of the scientific and IT sectors. As Australian enterprises explore new grounds in the areas of 3D printing, deliveries by drone, and AI, IT workers will get predominant importance in the industry. Here are the roles in IT that will be in demand in 2023 in Australia.


Average annual salary
Software Programmers


Apply for Australia work visa

Here are the steps you should follow to file an application for an Australia work visa.

Step 1: Check your eligibility - Australia points calculator

It’s necessary that you must get at least 60 points in the points-based immigration system of Australia. For assigning points, many factors are taken into consideration. The position you have with regard to each factor will be assigned and an aggregate number of points will become the points on which your application will be scrutinized.

Here’s an Australia points calculator we have for you to calculate your points for an Australia visa.

Step 2:  Get your qualifications recognized

You must contact the assessing authority deemed relevant for your job. Check which authority is the right one for a skills assessment for the occupation you are nominated for. You must organize your assessment of skills well prior to applying for the Australia visa.

Each authority that assesses your skills has its own charges, procedures, and timeframes. It will take time to assess your experience and qualifications by the authority involved. It can vary between different authorities.

Step 3: Search for job vacancies in Australia for foreigners

There are many sources on which you can look for job vacancies in Australia. You may access private or government websites for Australian job vacancies.

Step 4: Arrange a checklist of documents

Here’s a checklist of documents that you will require to submit along with your application for an Australia work visa.

  • A valid passport with a minimum period of 6 months remaining in it while applying for the work visa
  • Application form for an Australia visa
  • Proof of visa fee paid
  • A photograph that meets the requirements of the Australian authorities
  • A national identity card that proves your nationality
  • Family certificates such as your birth certificate, the license of marriage, divorce papers, and papers of adoption (if it applies).
  • Police certificate to present proof of good character.
  • Proof of financial means like
    • Pay slips
    • Bank statements
    • Audited accounts
    • Credit card limit
    • Taxation records
  • Documents of mandatory health insurance for Australia migration
  • In case you are appointing someone for assistance with filling out the visa application, attach the authorized recipient form
  • Proof of Temporary Stay
  • A detailed itinerary that details your plan of activity and agenda for migrating to Australia
  • Proof of any type of accommodation you have arranged in Australia for the period of stay in the country
  • The letter from your employer permitting you to travel to Australia

Step 5: Apply for Australia Work Visa

Apply for the Australia work visa online. Submit the required and relevant information along with the documents necessary along with your application. Also, pay the application fee to facilitate the processing of the work visa.

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