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Going abroad to work or study or settle is a life changing decision. If it were easy to do, everyone would just pick a country and head there but
tighter regulations on visas and employability mean that more careful consideration is required. With our counseling services,
Y-Axis aims to help you identify the right path to a successful overseas career and relocation.

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Career Counseling

  • Career Counselling

    Studying abroad is an expensive prospect. The best way to ensure you recoup that investment is to work abroad as well. Y-Axis helps you chart your educational and early career journey and plan for the same to dramatically increase your employability prospects.

  • Career Counselling

    The journey from wanting to work abroad to actually working abroad requires careful planning. Missteps don’t just cost you money, but also time. Our counseling services help bridge the knowledge & planning gap to ensure you start working abroad ASAP.

  • Career Counselling

    Relocating abroad to settle with your family is a big step. Our counselors help you identify the right country & plan your immigration process to increase chances of success.

Our counseling process

Counseling Process
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    career counselling experts

    Your appointed counselor understands your profile, priorities & future plans. We take into account your travel history, education, work and background. Based on this our counselors identify the opportunities available to you.

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    career counselling experts

    The opportunities we show you are usually your best options to working, studying or settling abroad. We consider the demand for your skills and education, and the ease of migrating to the chosen countries before sharing our findings.

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    career counselling experts

    If you would like to further explore your options, Y-Axis provides thorough Eligibility Evaluation reports for your selected countries. These affordably priced offerings are the perfect starting point for your immigration endeavors.

Why choose us

  • Why Choose US
    Experienced counselors

    Our counselors are highly trained and handpicked for this crucial service. They bring a wealth of immigration & regulatory knowledge to help you make the right decision.

  • Why Choose US
    Free counseling

    Our counseling service is 100% free. We charge you only for the eligibility Evaluation and any immigration related service you may take.

  • Why Choose US
    One stop shop

    Based on the counseling, should you decide to migrate to a different country, Y-Axis offers its significant offerings to help you. From resume writing to visa applications to post-landing services, we help you at every step of the way.

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