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Posted on September 15 2022

Immigration rules relaxed to welcome 250,000 skilled workers in Germany

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Changes in German Immigration Policies

  • Germany relaxed immigration rules to address the shortage of 250,000 skilled workers.
  • The country plans to offer dual citizenship.
  • Germany wants to attract talented professionals in academic as well as vocational fields.

Abstract: The immigration rules of Germany have been relaxed to address the shortage of 250,000 skilled workers.

Germany plans to welcome approximately 250,000 skilled workers to solve the skilled worker shortage in the country.  To avoid the worker crunch, Germany is implementing steps to streamline its immigration system to attract more skilled workers from abroad.

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Demand for Skilled Workers in Germany

The Government of Germany aims to attract foreigners with academic or vocational skills. Germany specifically wants to attract:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Nurses
  • IT specialists
  • Electrical engineers
  • Skilled craftspeople
  • Hospitality and catering professionals

Other high-demand jobs listed comprise scientists, physicians, builders, and metallurgy workers.

Due to the increasing shortage of workers in Germany, the country is looking for individuals who are interested to migrate to Germany for work. The newcomers will contribute their skills, knowledge, and talent.

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Dual Citizenship for Skilled Workers in Germany

As per the immigration rule implemented recently, Germany will be offering dual citizenship and special citizenship status for skilled workers. The special citizenship status will be valid for 3 to 5 years. The candidates have to meet certain eligibility requirements.

It had been announced in November 2021, that Germany plans to issue dual citizenship to non-EU citizens. Earlier, it was permitted under certain conditions only.

Changes in German Immigration Laws

Germany is in dire requirement of a skilled workforce to function in the digitized economy and adapt to its climate-friendly activities.

German authorities have pledged to make the citizenship application process easier. It has reduced the time period required by a foreign professional to live in Germany before they can apply for citizenship.

The change in immigration policies of Germany is a part of the plan to upgrade immigration laws to make it more streamlined. It will ensure convenient access to the labor market in Germany.

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