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Posted on September 10 2022

Planning to work in Germany? Learn about Germany’s version of a Green Card

By Editor
Updated September 13 2023

Highlights of Green Card

  • Germany is planning to introduce its own version of the Green Card named “Chancenkarte”.
  • The move aims to solve the issue of not having enough skilled workers available to work in Germany.
  • The new Card will provide foreign nationals the opportunity to arrive in Germany to search for employment even without a job offer.

There’s a real need for a large number of skilled foreign nationals to work in Germany. To meet the critical worker shortage, the country is planning to introduce a visa similar to the US Green Card.

This new visa is known as the Chancenkarte (that literally means "opportunity card"). Let’s see what this visa is all about.

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The Chancenkarte

This new visa will allow foreign nationals to arrive in Germany to search for work. They needn’t have a job offer to be eligible for this new visa if they

  • Are aged under 35
  • Have a university degree or a professional qualification
  • Have the necessary language skill or have resided in Germany before
  • Have a minimum professional experience of three years

Do these points of criteria sound similar to what’s laid out by the Canada immigration system? That’s because they are, and not as complex a weightage system as Canada’s.

Another doubt you may have could be regarding the cap on the number of Cards issued, as it is in the USA. In the case of the Chancenkarte, the limit of the number of Cards issued will be decided on a year-by-year basis. The cap will be decided according to the fluctuations in the demand for workers in the German job market.

An important aspect of the Chancenkarte is that those holding this visa will have the opportunity to earn a living during their period of residence in Germany.

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The advantage Chancenkarte gives you

It’s a fact that there’s a decreasing young population in Germany that’s putting pressure on employers in the country to look for skilled people beyond its borders.

There’s a debate brewing on how skill, rather than age is taken as a major determinant for eligibility. But if you are skilled enough and confident enough to do a great job in the field and job role you are seeking in Germany, you can look forward to a great future in this country.

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The fact is that the influx of non-EU nationals into Germany as skilled workers is yet to take off phenomenally. Though English-speaking immigrants will find the Chancenkarte a great way to land in Germany, learning German before arriving to work in Germany will be a definite advantage.

Do you want to get trained in the German language to get an advantage while moving to Germany? Visit our foreign language training services page.

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