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Posted on September 10 2022

Soon you may get German citizenship if you work for 3 years in Germany

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of German citizenship

  • Skilled workers from overseas could get German citizenship after just 3 years of living and work in Germany.
  • The German government emphasized the need of solving the grave need for more skilled workers as part of its new Skilled Labor Strategy.
  • The new recommendation for citizenship after 3 years of work in Germany comes after the plan for the new German version of the Green Card.
  • There was a worker shortage of half a million skilled workers between July 2021 and July 2022.

Germany is going through a crucial time as it’s facing a huge shortage of skilled workers. Between July 2021 and July 2022, there was a shortage of half a million skilled people to work in Germany in various key job roles.

Among many measures the Government of Germany is planning and proposing is granting German citizenship to foreign nationals who have lived and worked in the country for just 3 years. Yes! And they aren’t even talking about permanent residency as the basic criteria for citizenship!

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The fast route to German citizenship

The latest plan to grant fast citizenship in Germany has been formulated as part of the country’s new skilled labor strategy.

The key mission statement of the new labor market strategy is to make Germany an immigration country and make it attractive for skilled workers amidst international competition.

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In the recently held Skilled Workers’ Summit, the German government presented a new skilled labor strategy. As such there was no mention of the possibility of skilled foreign workers getting citizenship in 3 years. But the discussions that transpired touched on the following matters:

  • The need for skilled workers for tackling the shortcomings of digitization and the conversion to an economy that’s climate-neutral.
  • The requirement for making training and education more attractive so that Germany maintains its appeal to immigrants and its cosmopolitan status.
  • Five points to focus on to reduce labor shortages:
    • Provide contemporary training
    • Provide targeted training
    • Increase job potential with more effectiveness as well as increase labor force participation
    • Improve the work quality and change the work culture
    • Modernize Germany immigration and bring down emigration

Just a week before Germany revealed its plan to introduce a German version of the Green Card to attract skilled workers from the world over. To learn more about it, visit Planning to work in Germany? Learn about Germany’s version of a Green Card.

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The challenge for Germany

Germany’s preparing to tackle the shortage of workers, that’s bound to be created in the near future. This will happen as 12.9 million people born between 1957 and 1969 will leave the job market in the coming 15 years. These people are due to retire from their jobs.

Statista (Germany’s statistical office) has data that shows a very concerning situation. It says that even if every youngster in Germany aged between 15 and 24 was to enter the job market post their training/education, there would be a large number of vacancies to be filled in the job market. This presents a huge opportunity for skilled foreign nationals who are desirous of settling and working in Germany.

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