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Posted on July 09 2022

Germany immigration via PR to 130,000 migrants to solve labor crunch

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

News highlights

  • Germany is finding more skilled workers in thousands of resident foreigners by providing them regularization.
  • Around 130,000 migrants will be granted the chance to regularize their immigration status.
  • These migrants have been in Germany for at least 5 years without long-lasting permission to stay in the country.
  • Meeting the acute labor shortage in Germany is the main motivation behind this step

Germany has a serious shortage of skilled labor in key industrial sectors. The country is devising measures to meet the requirements, one of which is easing the immigration requirements.

The German government is up to doing something about the labor issue by utilizing a large population of a specific class of migrants. This group of migrants comprises around 130,000 migrants who have stayed in the country for at least 5 years by January 1, 2022. They also weren’t granted long-lasting permission to stay in the country. Their immigration status will now be regularized and they will be granted a “right of opportunity to stay”.

The new status granted to these people will last for a year. After that period, they will be granted permanent residency if

  • They have sufficient command over the German language
  • They can prove that they have a reliable source of income and can live independently
  • They are well-integrated into the German society

With this step, those migrants will have made a life for themselves in Germany. On the other hand, the German economy will benefit from the move as it will recruit skilled workers into vacant job positions. In 2021 only, the German economy reeled under the shortage of 400,000 workers. This shortage has only aggravated in 2022.

Major companies including automobile companies are in fact urging the German government to come up with a process for regulated immigration of skilled migrants. This is significant considering that each year thousands of shortages are occurring in key industry sectors such as automobiles, software, and logistics.

How Germany is tackling the labor shortage issue?

The new regulation has been made and endorsed by the German cabinet. Migrants who will benefit from this regulation will add to the skilled labor force of the country.

Existing pathways for young migrants

A pathway to permanent residency in Germany already exists. Under this immigration pathway, a migrant under the age of 27 can apply for a Germany PR visa after just 3 years of living in this country.

Benefits of the new regulation

The new regulation serves migrants greatly as it will also make it easier for them to learn the German language.

The benefit will be evident to skilled laborers, such as IT specialists and persons holding professions who are required at work in Germany as they are in high demand. With the new regulation, they will be able to move to Germany taking their families along with them, immediately. This wasn’t a possibility before.

Also, members of their families aren’t required to possess any language skills before moving to Germany.

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Germany’s plans in 2022

Here are some plans Germany has for 2022

  • The German government has plans to simplify the recruitment process of recruiting foreign workers. The plan includes reducing red tape so that companies in key sectors like hospitality and IT can recruit foreign workers.
  • The focus will be given to creating immigration laws that are modernized. Priority will be given to balanced immigration solutions and increasing foreigners’ acceptance among the population.

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