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Posted on January 06 2023

How many points required for a Canada PR visa in 2023?

By  Editor
Updated December 22 2023

Why Canada PR?

  • The holders of permanent residency in Canada avail of the same social benefits as Canadian citizens.
  • Canada PRs can study, work, and live in any province or territory of the country.
  • Canada PRs can benefit from the inexpensive healthcare and accessible quality education of Canada.
  • They will get protection under Canadian law.
  • Canada PRs can apply for citizenship in Canada under 3 years

Canada PR Visa

An international individual who has been given permanent residency in Canada is a person who has the right to live in Canada legally. Still, they have yet to be granted Canadian citizenship. The Government of Canada authorizes permanent resident status.

A person having Canada PR has all the rights given to Canadian citizens.

There are multiple immigration programs in Canada under which candidates can apply and obtain permanent residency. To be issued a resident status, the candidate is required to file an application to IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

After staying for five years in Canada, the PR card facilitates the candidate to apply for citizenship in Canada.

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Evaluate your points for Canada PR

According to the Immigration points system of Canada, the candidate gets points based on the personal details they submit. The points are dependent on multiple factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Canadian work experience
  • Language proficiency in English or French

The total points scored to determine their eligibility for the immigration programs. If the candidate's profile qualifies for a specific immigration program, they become eligible to be issued an ITA or Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR and, eventually, gain resident status in Canada.

*Check your eligibility to Canada through the free Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

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Points required to apply for Canada PR through Express Entry

A candidate who wishes to migrate to Canada through Express Entry can apply for an immigration visa under the three economic programs:

  • FSW or Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • FST or Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • CEC or Canadian Experience Class

If the candidate has a score of 67 points or more, they qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

If they fulfill the other requirements, they can submit a profile in the pool of Express Entry. After they are registered in the Express Entry pool, the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is used to rank your profile.

Points required to apply for Canada PR through Canada PNP

PNP is the abbreviation of the Provincial Nominee Program. It is authorized by the provincial government of Canada. It offers an immigration pathway to Canada. The provincial nominee program facilitates different provinces in Canada to nominate immigrants to address their skills, academic qualifications, work experience, and workforce needs.

A person who wishes to gain permanent residency in Canada can apply for various provincial programs according to their requirements.

The nomination offered by the Canadian province awards the candidate an additional 600 points to their CRS points in the Express Entry profile. The nomination received through PNP also facilitates the candidate to apply directly to the PR to IRCC, depending on the stream or subcategory of PNP they have applied.

Points required to apply for Quebec Immigration

Developed by the Federal Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec, the QSWP or Quebec Skilled Worker Program enables highly educated and skilled international professionals to migrate to Quebec as skilled professionals.

Prospective candidates who register for the Skilled Worker Quebec Program are assessed per the selection framework of factors. Candidates who score the required points are issued a CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate, which is used to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

To qualify for migration to Canada through the Quebec-selected skilled worker, an applicant is required to score a minimum of 50 points. Foreign nationals who apply with a common-law partner or a spouse are required to achieve a minimum of 59 points to be eligible for the QSW Program.

How to calculate my CRS score?

The CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System is a points-based system used by the Canadian government to assess, allot scores, and rank applicants' profiles in the Federal Express Entry pool.

The answers submitted in their Express Entry profile are used to calculate the score in the CRS Calculator. This CRS score determines if the candidate qualifies for the status of Canada PR under the Express Entry Program.

To calculate the CRS score of the applicant, Express Entry uses the details registered by the applicant while creating the profile for the pool. The selection factors comprise academic qualification, age, proficiency in English or French, and others.

CRS calculator awards point to the applicant's express entry profile on the basis of the following factors:

  • Factors of Core Human Capital
  • Accompanying spouse or common-law partner
  • Factors skill transferability
  • Factors related to nomination by a province, employment offer, Canadian study experience, a relative in Canada, and/or ability in the English or French language

A total of 1,200 points are awarded in the Express Entry to candidates under the immigration points calculator CRS of Canada.

CRS Score Calculator
Factors Score
Core Human Capital Maximum 500 Points
Skill transferability Maximum 100 Point
Provincial nomination Maximum 600 Points
Employment offer Maximum 200 Points
Study experience in Canada Maximum 30 Points
Proficiency in English or French Maximum 50 points
Relative in Canada Maximum 15 points

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Detailed information about how CRS scores are awarded to an accompanying common-law partner or spouse is given below:

CRS Score Calculator
Factors Score
Core Human Capital Maximum 460 points or 40 points for the spouse or common law partner
Provincial nomination Maximum 600 Points
Employment offer Maximum 200 Points
Study experience in Canada Maximum 30 Points
Proficiency in English or French Maximum 50 points
Relative in Canada Maximum 15 points

 Tips to improve my CRS score

Express Entry draws are conducted once every 2 weeks. Therefore, candidates have the opportunity to increase their CRS points before applying for the Express Entry draw. The candidates can improve their CRS score and gain the required points to be issued an ITA for the Canada PR Visa in the next draw of Express Entry. There are multiple ways to increase the CRS score if the CRS cut-off requirement is not fulfilled for a particular draw.

Here is how the CRS score can be improved:

  • Improve the language score

The candidates can improve their CRS score by gaining good marks in language proficiency tests like the IELTS. If a candidate secures a minimum of CLB level 9 in the language proficiency test, they can score an additional of 136 points to their CRS score. Similarly, achieving the same in the French proficiency test gives the candidate an additional 72 points.

*Score good in tests such as IELTS and PTE with expert guidance in coaching services.

  • Provincial Nominee Program

If the candidate receives an ITA from any province in Canada, they will be awarded an additional 600 points in their profile of Express Entry.

  • Get an LMIA Approved work offer

If the candidate is offered an LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment job from a Canadian employer, they will receive a maximum of 200 points in their CRS scores.

  • Obtain education in Canada

If the candidate completes a valid Degree or Diploma in Canada, they will be awarded a maximum of 30 points.

  • Including Common-Law Partner/ Spouse in the application

Due to the common-law partner or spouse in the application, the candidate will be awarded scores on 3 factors. The language proficiency of the common-law partner or spouse will earn them 20 points. Education and work experience in Canada will earn them 10 points individually. Therefore, the candidate can score 40 additional points to their Express Entry CRS score.

  • Work experience in Canada

The candidate can add up to 150 points to their CRS score if their full-time work experience is less than 3 years and if they are still employed.

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Steps to apply for Canada PR

These are the following steps to fill out the online form for Canada PR:

Step 1: Fill out the online form

Step 2: Upload the required scanned documents

Step 3: Payment of the required fees

Step 4: Submit the duly-filled application

Step 5: Check the application status

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