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Posted on September 19 2022

Try these: The best tips to improve your Express Entry CRS score

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Tips to improve your CRS score

  • Learn the best tips for improving your CRS score for a better chance to immigrate to Canada.
  • CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) defines your ranking position in the Express Entry system with maximum points of 1,200.
  • Use age, work experience, education, and other factors to your advantage to get a higher CRS score.

So, you are ready to migrate to Canada through the Express Entry pathway. That’s a great decision. If you are already aware of the Express Entry system, you will know the significance of your CRS score. Do you need a refresher? Alright, here we go!

What’s CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)?

If you have created a profile on the Express Entry system with an aim to present yourself as an eligible candidate for Canada immigration, it’s sure to be ranked. Such a rank will be assigned by considering human capital factors including age, education, work experience, and language proficiency in English/French.

CRS is the system that’s employed to assign points and set the ranking for individual Canada immigration candidates. The maximum number of points assigned under the CRS is 1,200. This is divided into a core set of 600 points and an additional set of points of 600 points.

The core points consist of:

  • Factors of skills and work experience
  • Factors of spouse/common-law partner that include their education and language skills
  • Factors of transferability of skills, which include work and education

The additional points consist of:

  • a valid job offer
  • Canadian certificates, diplomas, and degrees
  • a brother/sister living in Canada who's a Canada PR or a citizen
  • a nomination granted by a province/territory
  • strong French language skills

The added value of these two types of points makes up your total score.

*Know your eligibility to immigrate to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

The fact is that the better your CRS score, the better your chances of getting a Canada PR visa. Higher CRS scores always attract priority while deciding immigration candidates selected for immigration. It’s only natural that any tips to increase the CRS score could work wonders for you.

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Tips to improve your CRS score

Here are some sure-shot ways in which you can improve your CRS score.

Apply at an earlier age

The earlier you apply for a Canada PR visa through Express Entry, the better CRS points you can score. The best age to apply for Canada PR is 20-29. At this age, you will get 110 CRS points. The CRS points decrease with age. At 45 years of age, you get zero points.

Do what’s needed to improve your language score

Language ability is evaluated for 4 basic abilities namely speaking, writing, listening, and writing. The minimum CLB level required is 4. As you get more points in your IELTS/CELPIP/PTE tests, you reach more CLB levels. The highest CLB level is 10 (31 points) and it will be great if you get to CLB level 7 (17 points) to 9 (31 points).

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For French, you must score NCLC 7 or more. You can score up to 50 extra points if you reach level NCLC 7 and CLB 5.

Bring in more work experience

The more skilled work experience you bring can earn you more CRS points. This can be even better with a higher CLB score. Candidates applying under FSWP will already have at least 1 year’s work experience and a CLB score of 7. This can fetch you 13 CRS points. More years can help you score an extra 25 to 50 CRS points.

Let your Canadian work experience work for you

With Canadian work experience in your kitty, you can get up to 80 CRS points. Of course, it depends on the number of years of experience you have in a skilled occupation.

If you have completed a graduate program in Canada and worked on a PGWP for up to 3 years, such experience will add to your CRS score.

Get more education

Indeed, more education will help you get a better CRS score. In case you have completed a degree, certificate, or diploma, for at least a 3-year program, you will get 112 CRS points.

Get scores for siblings in Canada

If you have siblings in Canada who are Canada PR visa holders or citizens, you will get another 15 points.

The advantage of migrating through Canada PNP

An additional 600 points are granted if you are nominated through Canada PNP to apply for a Canada PR visa. So, you can try to take this route especially if you have lower CRS otherwise.

If you are willing to migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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