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Posted on January 05 2023

Cost of applying for Canada PR visa in 2023

By  Editor
Updated December 20 2023

Why invest in Canada PR?

  • Canada is the 8th strongest economy in the world.
  • It is offering more than 1 million job vacancies.
  • The average income in Canada is 59,300 CAD.
  • It offers quality education and inexpensive healthcare.
  • Canada PR can facilitate citizenship in Canada.

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Canada PR Visa

A permanent resident is an individual who has been issued permanent resident status by migrating to Canada but has not been granted citizenship of Canada. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries.

The PR card is used to show that the candidate has been issued permanent residency in Canada. If they travel out of Canada, they will be required to show their card and their passport when they come back in a commercial vehicle,

PR holders traveling out of Canada who are not issued a valid PR card or who are not carrying it are required to apply for the travel document of permanent residency before returning to Canada by a commercial vehicle.

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Steps to apply

These are the following steps to fill out the online form for Canada PR:

Step 1: Fill out the online form

Step 2: Upload the required scanned documents

Step 3: Payment of the required fees

Step 4: Submit the duly-filled application

Step 5: Check your application status.

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Break-down of Canada PR Visa Fees

The details of the Canada PR Visa Fees are given in the table below:

Canada PR Applicant Fees
Type Fee
Primary Applicant 850 CAD
Secondary Applicant 850 CAD
Children aged less than 22 years 230 CAD

PR Applicant fees

The details of applicant’s fees for Canada PR are given below:

  • Single applicant

The fee for a Canada PR visa for a single applicant is 850 CAD.

  • Spouse

The fee for a PR visa for a spouse is 850 CAD.

  • Child

The fee for a PR visa for a child is 230 CAD.

Education Credential Assessment fees

An ECA or Educational credential assessment is used to assess that the applicant's foreign degree, certificate, diploma, or other proof of credentials is equal and valid to its Canadian. The details for the ECA or Education Credential Assessment by different organizations are given below:

  • WES

The WES or World Education Service charges 240 CAD for ECA.

  • IQAS

The IQAS, or International Qualifications Assessment Service, charges 220 CAD for ECA.

Medical Examination fees

The cost of an Immigration Medical Exam ranges from 150 CAD to 280 CAD on the basis of the individual's age and health during the medical examination.

Police Clearance Certificate fees

The fee for a police clearance certificate is 100 CAD.

Application processing fee

The processing fee for Canada PR is 850 CAD.

Right of permanent residence fee

The RPRF or Right of Permanent Residence Fee is of 515 CAD.

The Right of Permanent Residence Fee is paid by the applicant of Canada PR when their applications are approved. The status of permanent residency is not granted unless the RPRF is duly paid.

The RPRF applies to all the applicants of Canada PR.

If permanent residence is not granted, the fees will be refunded.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Fees (if one opts to apply)

The PNP or Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada offers a pathway for Canadian permanent residency for foreign nationals who wish to migrate to a specific province or territory of Canada.

Each Canadian territory and province has its customized PNP formulated to address specific demographic and economic needs.

The details of the fees for the Canada PNP program are given below:

The details of the fees for the Canada PNP program are given below:

The application fee for the Ontario Immigration Nominee program is 1,500 CAD.

The application fee for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program is 350 CAD.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has a non-refundable fee of 500 CAD.

British Columbia is popular among international professionals in the IT and Tech sectors. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has an application fee of 1,150 CAD.

The Quebec Skilled Workers Program has an application fee of 773 CAD.

Proof of Funds

The proof of funds for Canada PR based on the number of family members is given in the table below:

Proof of Funds for Canada PR
Number of family members Funds required (in CAD)
1 13,310
2 16,570
3 20,371
4 24,733
5 28,052
6 31,638
7 35,224
For each additional family member 3,586

Other miscellaneous charges

Detailed information about other related charges involved in the application of a Canada PR visa is given below:

  • IELTS Exam Cost

The IELTS exam fee for Canada PR ranges from 302 CAD to 312 CAD.

  • Traveling Tickets

The traveling cost to Canada starts from 1,227 CAD.


The total cost of a Canada PR visa ranges from 2,340 CAD to 5,295 CAD, depending on the number of dependents with the primary candidate.

Total Cost of Canada PR Visa
Category Single – No kids Couple – No kids Couple – One kid
Application Processing Fee 850 CAD 1,700 CAD 1,930 CAD
Right of Permanent Residence Fee 515 CAD 1,030 CAD 1,030 CAD
Educational Credential Assessment 300 CAD 600 CAD 600 CAD
Language test 300 CAD 600 CAD 600 CAD
Medical exam 200 CAD 400 CAD 600 CAD
Other expenses 175 CAD 350 CAD 525 CAD
Total 2,340 CAD 4,680 CAD 5,285 CAD

Hopefully, the information given was of help to the reader.

Do you want to migrate to Canada? Contact Y-Axis, the leading Overseas Immigration Consultant.

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