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Posted on December 24 2022

Canada Job Trends - Architect, 2023

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Why work in Canada as an Architect?

  • Canada has over 1 million job vacancies
  • The average annual salary for an Architect in Canada is 98,077 CAD per year.
  • The highest pay for an Architect is 143,028 CAD.
  • Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Québec, and Saskatchewan have good job prospects for architects.
  • An Architect can migrate to Canada through 10 different pathways

About Canada

In 2022, Canada had a large number of new immigrants coming to Canada. The candidates who met the eligibility requirements were invited to apply for the Canada PR or permanent residency. The country welcomed 274,980 new immigrants by July 2022.

A non-profit body in Canada, Century Initiative, seeks to double the population of Canada by 2100. The organization hopes to have 100 million citizens in Canada by the time the century ends.

Canada plans to welcome 471,394 foreign nationals under permanent residency in Canada in 2022. The figure increased by approximately 16.1%. Individuals numbering 406,025 were invited to apply for Canada PR in 2021.

The details of the Immigration Levels Plans 2023-2025 are given below:

Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025
Year No. of new immigrants
2023 82,880
2024 1,09,020
2025 1,14,000

Job Trends in Canada, 2023

The Labor Force Survey 2022 report was published recently. The report presents information about the job vacancies in Canada and the trends in the job market in Canada.

The report has found that the unemployment rate decreased to 5.2 percent in September 2022. The unemployment rate has dropped by 0.2% from the figure of August 2022.

The employment rate was 84.2% for individuals who are eligible for participating in the Canadian workforce as the data for September 2022 shows.

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Architects, TEER code - 22210

Architects envisage, plan, and formulate designs for the construction and revamping of residential, institutional, and commercial buildings.  They work in architectural firms, government institutions, or private corporations.  They can also be self-employed.

The duties of an Architect are given below:

  • Discuss with clients to decide the type, purpose, and style of new buildings or renovations of existing ones.
  • Execute the design of the buildings and develop plans with detailed design specifications, materials needed for the building, costs of the material, and construction schedules.
  • Prepare models and sketches for clients
  • Develop and oversee the preparation of drawings, detailed requirements, and other documents for construction needed by tradespersons and contractors.
  • Prepare documents for bidding, participate in negotiations of the contract, and allocate construction contracts
  • Check activities on construction sites to make sure specifications are being complied to
  • Conduct viability studies and analysis of finances for building projects.

These are the job titles an Architect holds:

  • Chief Architect
  • Architect
  • Consulting architect
  • Residential Architect
  • Industrial and commercial buildings architect
  • Architectural standards specialist

Prevailing wages of Architects in Canada

The average annual income for an Architect in Canada is 98,077 CAD.

The highest annual income for an architect is 143,028 CAD, and the lowest income is 80,008 CAD.

The income of Architects in different provinces and territories is given in the table below:

Annual Income of Architects in Canada
Community/Area Annual Income (in CAD)
Alberta 69,965
British Columbia 69,235
Manitoba 72,000
New Brunswick 83,078
Newfoundland and Labrador NA
Northwest Territories NA
Nova Scotia 83,078
Nunavut NA
Ontario 72,864
Prince Edward Island NA
Quebec 64,608
Saskatchewan NA
Yukon Territory NA

Eligibility criteria for Architects

The eligibility criteria for Architects in Canada are given below:

  • An undergraduate degree from an authorized school of architecture or completing the academic curriculum of the RAIC or Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is required.
  • A post-graduate degree in architecture might be asked.
  • Successful completion of 3 years of supervised internship under a registered architect is mandatory.
  • Qualifying in the examination for architect registration is necessary.
  • Registration with the association of architects in the province of work is mandatory.
  • LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is issued by the Canada Green Building Council and is asked by some employers.

Architects - Number of vacancies in Canada

There are 291 job vacancies for Architects in Canada as of now.

The vacancies in various provinces and territories are given below:

Job Prospects for Architects in Canada
Location Available jobs
Alberta 16
British Columbia 23
Manitoba 3
Nova Scotia 4
Ontario 182
Québec 48
Saskatchewan 1

How can an Architect migrate to Canada?

There are multiple routes Architects can take when migrating to Canada but the most popular 4 pathways that give more probability of success are:

  1. Express Entry system
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. The Rural and Northern Immigration Program
  4. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Detailed information about the immigration pathways to Canada for Architects is given below:

  1. Express Entry

The EE or Express Entry system is the most popular pathway for migrating to Canada for an Architect. It is the fastest and most simple pathway to immigrate to Canada. If the candidate meets the requirement of:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency in English and/or French
  • Academic qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Other criteria

Candidates who meet the requirements can migrate to Canada as soon as 6 months.

The initial stage in the process of Express Entry immigration to Canada is to calculate the candidate's immigration points for Express Entry through the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System of Canada.

The factors on the basis of which CRS Points are awarded are given below:

  • Age
  • Academic qualifications
  • Work experience
  • English proficiency
  • French proficiency
  • Skills of the candidate's partner
  1. Provincial Nominee Program

The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program facilitates skilled and semi-skilled foreign nationals to reside and work in Canada. The candidate is required to have an employment opportunity in Canada to be eligible for a minimum of 1 year for any of the immigration streams. Each Canadian provinces and territories have its individual PNPs, with a different set of criteria to address shortages in the workforce in the province.

If the candidate fulfills the skills required in the province or territory of their choice, The candidate may receive a nomination by the province, which awards an additional 600 points in the CRS boosting the chances of being invited to apply for a Canada PR visa.

These are provinces where Architects can apply in:

  1. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Architects are required in a few provinces, and candidates would have better chances to be issued permanent residency in Canada if they apply for those specific provinces. The provinces of Canada that require Architects in pivotal job roles are participants of RNIP or Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. Architects are eligible for this program to immigrate to Canada.  There are 11 provinces in Canada which participate in this pilot program. The candidate is required to have a valid employment opportunity in any of the participating provinces to be eligible to apply for Canada PR through the RNIP.

  1. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The AIP or Atlantic Immigration Pilot facilitates intermediate applicants to skilled and semi-skilled international professionals who can migrate to Canada to provinces in the Canadian Atlantic region since Architects are in high demand in the 4 Atlantic Provinces. Candidates who have an experience of at least 1 year are eligible to apply.

How can Y-Axis help Architects to immigrate to Canada?

For trusted counseling and guidance for immigration to Canada as HR Professionals, contact Y-Axis.

The following services are provided by Y-Axis for the best chances for immigration to Canada:

Do you want to work in Canada? Contact Y-Axis, the leading Work Abroad Consultant.

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Canada Job Trends – Architect

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