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Posted on October 10 2022

Over 1 million job vacancies in Canada in September 2022, says LFS Canada

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of Labor Force Survey 2022 and trends in September 2022

  • The number of job vacancies in Canada is still up and above 1 million for 150 days
  • The Labor Force Survey 2022 report for September 2022 shows that the unemployment rate decreased by 0.2%, reaching 5.2%
  • From an unemployment rate of 5.4% in August 2022, the trend turned positive, with 5.2% in September 2022

Here's all you need to know about the Canadian job market in September 2022. The Labor Force Survey 2022 has been released. The report of the survey shows the state of job vacancies in Canada and the general trend in the job market in the country in September 2022.

The unemployment rate reached 5.2% in September 2022, after coming down by 0.2% from August 2022, when it was 5.4%. Employment increased among young males and women of core age (aged 25 to 54 years) by 0.8% (i.e., 47,000). All of this gain was in full-time work.

Compared with September 2021, employment among core-aged women increased by 2.9% (I.e., 174,000). Employment among men who come under the core-age category remained stable for a fifth month consecutively in September 2022. However, on a year-over-year basis, employment among core-aged men increased by +2.9% (188,000).

The employment rate of core-aged individuals in Canada in September 2022 stood at 84.2%.

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Employment growth by industrial sectors

Significant gains in employment were recorded in healthcare and educational services. A rise in the number of employees was seen in the public sector in September 2022. However, the number of employees in the private sector, as well as self-employment, increased only marginally.

Compared to 2 months into the past, in September 2022, the number of employees in the public sector rose by 0.8% (35,000). The educational services industry claimed the biggest share of this development. About 30.4% of the total public sector employees were occupied by this industry.

Talking about the gains in employment by industry compared to August 2022, this is what we came to learn:


Rise in employment Rate of increase in employment
Educational services 46,000


Healthcare & Social Assistance



On a year-over-year basis, the number of private sector employees rose by 316,000. This was 72.8% of the net increase in employee count over a period of one year.

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Increase in employment in Canadian provinces

Here’s how employment rates increased in Canadian provinces in September 2022 compared to August 2022:


Employment in numbers Employment rate

British Columbia

+33,000 +1.2%
Vancouver +28,000


Manitoba +6,900


Nova Scotia

+4,300 +0.9%
New Brunswick +2,900


Full-time and part-time work scenarios held steady in September 2022 after an increase of 21,000 jobs.

Unemployment in the long term came down by 9.7% (18,000) in September 2022.

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Growth in wages in September 2022

Coming to wage growth, the report presented interesting information. The year-over-year growth in average hourly wages in September 2022, in comparison to September 2021 was 5.2%.

On a year-over-year basis, the average hourly wages shot up in almost all industries in September 2022.

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