US Dependent Visas

Why the USA?

  •    Reunites families
  •    For students, professionals, entrepreneurs
  •    Candidate can live, study, and work
  •    Get a driver’s license
  •    Avail financial services


The United States provides many permits for its immigrants to bring their families to the United States under the US Dependent Permit category. Under a number of permit schemes, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others may bring their dependents to the United States. The following are some of the most common Dependent Permit candidates:

  • F2 Permit: This is for dependents of F1 permit holders in the US to study. F2 holders are not allowed to work or study in the US.
  • H4 Permit: This is a permit issued to family members of H-1B permit holders and allows them to work and study in the US.
H4 Permit

This is the most popular category of Dependent Permit issued in the USA

An H4 permit is a non-immigrant Dependent Permit. The permit does not grant Permanent Residency, but it allows the candidate to live, study, and work in the US.

Who is eligible?
  • Spouse of the immigrant who possess H type permit
  • Children under the age of 21 whose parent possess H type permit
Validity of H4 visa
  • The validity is determined by the sponsor’s permit, also known as the principal candidate.
  • This permit is normally funded by the H form permit-holding spouse or parent. When the sponsor’s permit expires, the H4 permit becomes void.
H4 visa holders can:
  • Get a driver’s license
  • Have opportunities to study in the US
  • Qualify for financial services, such as banking and an H4 permit loan

 Work permission for H4 permit

  • The H4 permit allows to work part-time, full-time, or not at all.
  • The holder of an H4 permit is free to start any type of business.
  • Even if the H4 permit holder does not seek jobs, he will still be eligible for EAD.
H4 permit requirements
  • US permit interview appointment letter
  • A valid passport
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • Photograph of the sponsor and candidate together
  • Passport-sized photograph of the candidate
  • Confirmation page of the online DS-160 form
  • Fees receipt from the relevant bank
  • A copy of the sponsor’s form I-797
  • A letter from the sponsor’s employer stating the nature of the relationship between the sponsor and employer
  • Original marriage certificate
  • Original birth certificates of children
F2 permit

The student-dependent permit is called the F2 Permit. The US F2 Permit is a non-immigrant dependent permit where the immediate family members of the F1 student permit holders can come to the US. Dependents include the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21.

Eligibility conditions for the F2 permit
  • Must be the spouse of an F1 student permit holder.
  • Must be the dependent child (under 21 years and unmarried) of an F1 permit holder.
  • Candidate must have enough financial resources to support the family in the US
F2 permit requirements
  • Passport (both original and photocopies)
  • Confirmation form DS-160
  • A photograph conforming to U.S. immigration rules
  • Birth certificate for dependent children
  • Marriage certificate for spouses
  • Fee payment receipt
  • Candidates I-20 form
  • Copy of F1 Permit holder’s I-20 form
  • Candidates Bank Statements, Tax Records, and Employment proofs and Financial Stability Statements
How long would it take to get a dependent permit in the United States?

The time it takes to process a US Dependent Permit varies depending on the circumstances. The H-1B Permit is required for this. If the H-1B certification is in place, the process should take no longer than a week. However, if the USCIS has to validate additional information, it will take longer. In this case, it could take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 months.

What are the major requirements to attend the interview for Dependent Permit for the USA?
    • Evidence of marriage that includes Wedding Invitation Card, Wedding albums, Original Marriage Certificate
    • Copy of the Passport/s including those that have expired
    • Letters for verification of employment
    • Fee receipt for the US Permit form
    • Tax returns
    • Pay stubs
    • Form i797A, H-1B primary from
    • Certificates and forms of primary H-1B spouse
    • Form i129, H-1B copy
    • H-1B LCA copy
    • Birth certificate in original if the Dependent Permit is below 14 years
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