US stops work visas for 2020; Canada, Australia best bets now

 US freezes work visas

The US President Donald Trump has finally declared that job-based immigration to the US has been suspended from June 24, 2020 till December 31, 2020.

The executive order to this effect will cause no new visas for US immigration to be issued in the following categories:

  • H-1B– This is a non-immigrant visa that US companies use to hire graduate foreign workers. They employ the workers in occupations that require expertise and specialization.
  • H-2B– This is a visa for temporary workers who don’t work in USA as part of the agriculture industry. The US businesses will hire these temporary workers to solve the lack of native workers to ensure the sustenance of their businesses.
  • J visas– These are Exchange visitor visas. These are non-immigrant visas for those approved to take part in the US exchange visitor programs.
  • L visas– These are work visas that are available to people in managerial positions. They have specialized knowledge and get temporary intracompany transfers.

The new order by the US President applies to those outside the US, not having a US work visa. The order however empowers the US government to lift the suspension for certain people. Those seeking asylum in the US won’t be subject to the order.

This new development has now prompted prospective migrants to focus on the next best choice, Canada. Canada has kept its status as a prominent choice for students and skilled workers even while restrictions were imposed to fight COVID-19. Canada keeps on conducting immigration draws, inviting more immigrants to the country.

It’s already seen that those in the US with USA work permit, finding it hard to get a Green Card, choose to try for Canada permanent residency. Canada gives much more opportunities for permanent residency.

The foreign workers in the USA even get an advantage in Express Entry draws for permanent residency. Their good language skills, work experience in the US, and high level of education help them in it.

International workers should consider this as an opportunity to explore job opportunities in Canada. The country is already reputed for its ambitious immigration policies. It tries to improve its economy with the help of immigrants.

Canada is continuing to hold its immigration draws both at the federal and provincial levels. That makes Canada the obvious choice for international immigrants in this circumstance.

Another country worth considering is Australia. The country is looking for a large number of skilled immigrant workers. It’s inviting them via its skilled migration events. It will be a wise decision to apply for an Australia work permit now. You will find that you will get work opportunities as great as what you expected in the USA.

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