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Posted on August 30 2022

Sean Fraser’s RNIP announcement to boost Canada regional immigration

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of RNIP Program

  • Sean Fraser has announced the expansion of the RNIP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot), a major program for Canada regional immigration.
  • The benefits of immigration to the 11 communities participating in the RNIP will be increased.
  • The recommendations for the measures taken for improvement came from the community partners.
  • RNIP was created on the basis of the success of the now-permanent AIP (Atlantic Immigration program).
  • The crucial consideration of francophone immigration to Canada is also in the scope of the new measures taken for RNIP.

In the best interest of the development of Canada through the development of its regional communities has now received a greater boost. This is evident from the latest announcement made by Sean Fraser, the Minister of IRCC with regard to Canada regional immigration through RNIP.

What did Sean Fraser announce?

Sean Fraser has announced that the benefits of RNIP will be increased through measures taken to expand the program. The RNIP has 11 communities participating in it. He revealed the Canadian government’s intentions to bring about new improvements that will be brought into effect in the fall of 2022. Also, support will be given to employers, community partners, and candidates by

  • Making it easier to meet job market needs in the sectors of healthcare and trades, by expanding the range of job offers candidates can access, with specific work experience
  • Expanding the geographic boundaries of the communities participating in RNIP (listed below), so that more employers can participate:
    • North Bay (Ontario)
    • Timmins (Ontario)
    • Sudbury (Ontario)
    • Thunder Bay (Ontario)
    • West Kootenay (British Columbia)
    • Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan)
    • Vernon (British Columbia)
  • Allowing a longer period of participation to communities, until August 2024, when the RNIP pilot concludes
  • Reducing the settlement funds amount that participants must have
  • Helping community partners provide increased support to employers and candidates
  • Strengthening the integrity of RNIP

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The benefits of Canada regional immigration programs like RNIP

The improvements in RNIP have been planned on the basis of the recommendations of the program’s community partners. The steps taken will ensure growth in smaller and rural communities in Canada.

With the expansion of the geographic boundaries of RNIP, more employers will get support in filling key job market requirements.

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An increase in francophone immigration is as much a crucial consideration in the rural and northern communities as it is in the whole of Canada. The Canadian government is collaborating with provinces, territories, and partners to realize francophone immigration. The aim is to make sure that immigrants who speak French get to settle in and contribute to francophone communities across Canada.

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Regional immigration programs like RNIP will contribute immensely to the overall Canada immigration system. The Canadian government is already hiring up to 1,250 new employees by the end of the fall of 2022. This is done to reduce the application backlogs for Canada immigration, which includes immigration to Canadian provinces. The focus is on solving worker shortages, reuniting families in Canada, and improving the overall client experience.

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The motivation from AIP

The AIP which was a pilot immigration program recently became a permanent immigration program. This conversion was done considering its effectiveness in driving skilled newcomers to regional areas in Atlantic provinces.

This history of AIP is a major motivation behind the inception of RNIP. In time, this program could also become a permanent program if it proves highly promising in driving skilled immigrants to regional Canada.

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