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Posted on August 29 2022

Bag jobs in Canada this year; June 2022 had over 1 million jobs vacant

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of job vacancies in Canada

  • Above one million jobs in Canada are vacant.
  • The number of job vacancies has stayed at the same level for 3 months in a row till June 2022.
  • In June 2022, there were 1,037,900 job positions vacant all over Canada.
  • In June 2022, the job vacancy rate stayed at 5.9%.

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Let’s give aspiring migrants looking to work in Canada the news that there are many jobs vacancies for skilled workers. The good news is that, as per reports from June 2022, the number of vacant jobs in Canada was 1,027,900.

The number of job vacancies in June 2022 was 3.2% more than the count in May 2022. The major contributor to the high number of job vacancies in June 2022 was the healthcare and social assistance sector. This sector itself had 149,700 job vacancies.

The general observation is that job vacancies have been showing an upward trend since December 2020. Prior to this, these numbers had stabilized in October and November 2020. This was reported by StatCan.


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What more has StatCan revealed about jobs in Canada?

In June 2022, the job vacancy rate in Canada as a whole was 5.9%. This came up to the same rate that was attained in September 2021, which had set a record.

Among other statistics, In June 2022, the total labor demand in Canada reached 17.7 million. Also, job vacancies exceeded the number of unemployed people in multiple regions in Canada.

The highest number of jobs created in June 2022 was in the service sector. The number of jobs created came to 88,000. In the educational services sector, 26,400 jobs were created. In accommodation and food services 16,600 jobs were created.

In professional, scientific, and technical services 8,800 jobs were created while there was a growth of 8,400 new jobs in the healthcare and social services sector.

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The COVID-19 effect

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound effect on Canada’s healthcare system. Employers in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare and social assistance fields had 149,700 vacant positions left to fill in June 2022. Not much progress was made in finding a solution to Canada’s labor shortages that had reached a record high in March 2022.

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What should migrants take note of?

Compared to June 2021, the number of jobs vacant in the healthcare and social assistance sector has increased to 43,400 (40.8%).

Job vacancies in the accommodation & food services sector have risen 6.6% (10,600 vacancies) and reached 171,700 in June 2022. On a year-over-year basis, these job vacancies were up by 38.8% which equals 48,000 positions. As per the observation of Statistics Canada, the rate of job vacancy in this sector was 12.2% higher than two times the average of all sectors.

Now consider retail trade. StatCan found that vacancies in June 2022 in this sector increased by 15.3% (15,200 jobs) to reach 114,400. Compared to June 2021, job vacancies in this sector are 22.5% (21,000) higher.

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The bottom line

Unless every unemployed person in Canada gets employed, the labor shortage could not be solved as the current situation indicates.

British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are provinces with a particularly tight labor market. This means that there aren’t enough jobless people in these provinces to fill the jobs that are available. This is true even if every jobless person in these provinces possessed the skills and experience apt for the vacant jobs and got employed tomorrow.

How are employers in Canada dealing with it?

Employers in Canada are trying hard to hire skilled foreign nationals through the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) and the IMP (International Mobility Program).

GTS (Global Talent Stream), a part of the TFWP, is a pathway for foreign workers to arrive in Canada that normally processes Canada visa applications within 2 weeks. Canadian employers are trying to recruit foreign workers faster by getting them Canadian work permits granted faster.

Another major migration pathway for skilled workers to arrive in Canada is Express Entry. Canadian employers are also utilizing this popular Canada immigration pathway to recruit the required employees to fill available job positions in Canada.

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