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Posted on October 29 2022

Ready to work in Germany? 2 million jobs available for the right candidates

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Skilled workers needed in Germany to solve worker shortage

  • Currently there are 2 million job vacancies in Germany
  • Skilled workers in various industries, with different levels of expertise, are required in various industries in Germany
  • The German government has identified three categories of qualified workers in demand in the country
  • Most requirements for skilled people to work in Germany are found in the fields of sciences, healthcare, and engineering
If you are interested to work in Germany, this is the best time as the country is facing the enormous challenge of filling open job vacancies that require skilled foreign workers. There are over 2 million job vacancies open in Germany. The German government has even identified categories of skilled and qualified workers needed to solve the shortage of professionals in the country. The major industries in which skilled workers are most required are healthcare, engineering, and sciences. The categories of qualified professionals required by the country are recognized by the German government as follows:
Category 1: Skilled professionals who either have had a two-year vocational training or a qualification of similar nature
Category 2: Specialists who have undergone training as a technician or craftsperson
Category 3: Experts who have a university education of at least four years
Also read: Top 5 reasons Germany immigration matters to the German economy Let’s understand each category in some detail.

Category 1

Here are the professions that workers in Category 1 deal with:
  • Underground work
  • Sanitary, air conditioning, and heating technology
  • Elderly care
  • Maintenance and installation of electric circuits
  • Canal and tunnel construction
  • Well construction
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Category 2

Here are the professions that workers in Category 2 deal with:
  • Supervision in underground work
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitary
  • heating and air conditioning technology
  • Specialists in
    • tax counseling
    • Physiotherapy
    • Ergotherapy
    • Speech therapy
Professionals in these fields are in high demand.

Category 3

Graduates from a university study program of four-year duration in the following fields could receive the opportunity to work in Germany:
  • Physicians with specialization in internal medicine
  • Physicians with specialization in anaesthesiology
  • Professions in software development
  • Supervision, management, emergency medical services, and nursing
  • Lawyers
  • Pharmacists

Some significant facts

  • Vocational training courses in Germany offer an excellent chance to enter the German job market.
  • There’s a significant increase in skilled and qualified workers in the IT sector.
  • In construction and skilled trades, there are 349,275 jobs available in total.
  • For technical specialists, there are 282,941 jobs available in total.
  • For sales and distribution specialists, there are 232,347 jobs available in total.
If you are willing to work in Germany, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE. If you find this blog engaging, you may also like: Canada, Germany retain the most foreign students who study abroad


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