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Immigration is a progression for every migrant who dreams of life and career overseas. More so when the country aimed for is Canada. Canada is among the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world.

Canada has a history, society, and the economy created with the contributions of immigrants. It has done exceptionally well with Canada immigration plans and policies. The pathways to reach Canada are many and targeted at different purposes. There’s almost no reason one of you won’t be accepted into Canada, with a clean record and professional skill.

Canada has 2 levels of accepting immigrants: federal and provincial. Major provinces in Canada from an immigration standpoint are:

  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba

Each of these provinces holds its own immigration draws to invite skilled candidates into the province to add to the labor force there. In fact, every province has a need to bring in more candidates to fill the gaps in the labor market where employers cannot find enough skilled workers among native Canadians.

Also, those who arrive to study in Canada, pursuing advanced studies like graduation and post-graduation have opportunities to work and settle in the country.

In all, these seem like a pretty good scenario to think that with so much opportunity, getting to these provinces should be easier than imagined. Well, to check out the truth, we will have to check out how each province invites you for migration.

Let’s tell you that every province conducts Canada PNP draws to invite prospective eligible immigrants in. It is important for you to find the right type of PNP to apply to. In most regions in Canada, there is a PNP-specific stream that the region offers. The exceptions are Quebec and Nunavut. Each PNP type is customized to cater to immigrants of a certain category like unskilled, skilled, international students, or entrepreneurs.

Let’s now check out your options province-wise.

British Columbia PNP

If you are a tech worker, British Columbia is a province you must focus on. BC holds Tech Pilot draws that aims to find and invite skilled candidates in technology-based occupations to apply for a provincial nomination. The Tech Pilot is conducted almost on a weekly basis and works under the BC Skills Immigration pathway. There are 29 designated jobs to which you can apply and these are jobs to which skilled workers are highly in demand.

Ontario PNP

Similar to British Columbia, Ontario also conducts tech draws. The province conducts these draws within the Human Capital Priority stream which is linked with Express Entry. Here, eligible candidates are those with work experience in any of the 6 designated tech occupations. So, this is where web designers and computer engineers can look for their opportunity to migrate to Canada.

To be eligible for draws conducted under OINP, a job offer isn’t required.

Ontario also has opportunities for those who have language skills in French. The French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream, which is linked to Express Entry, is surely a good path for you to arrive in Canada.


If you are well-versed in French, you have your chances in Quebec, which is a province with a predominant use of French as a language. So, if you have pro-skills and can communicate in French, Quebec’s draws can help you a lot.

Saskatchewan PNP

Saskatchewan has 2 very active streams under the International Skilled Workers category. You won’t need a job offer to enter into an immigration draw under these streams. These streams are:

  • Saskatchewan Express Entry (linked): To apply via this stream you must have an active profile already in the federal Express Entry system.
  • Saskatchewan Occupation In-demand: You needn’t have a profile in federal Express Entry to apply. You must only be capable enough to fulfill the labor needs of the province. Also, you will need at least a year’s work experience in any of the positions listed in the list of in-demand occupations.

Nova Scotia PNP

The NSNP is one of Canada’s most innovative and extensive PNPs. Through its 4 streams, the province chooses Express Entry candidates. These are:

  • Labour Market Priorities for Physicians stream
  • Nova Scotia Demand stream
  • Nova Scotia Experience stream
  • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream

Suitable candidates are chosen from the Express Entry pool, who possess skills for specific jobs.

Manitoba PNP

In Manitoba, you will find streams that will fetch you privilege if you already have work experience in the province. Privilege also comes to you if you have an educational experience in the province. There are 2 streams under MPNP: Skilled Worker Overseas and Skilled Worker Manitoba.

Manitoba also has an International Education stream. Its sub-streams are for you if you have studied or graduated from the province’s post-secondary institutions.

Now you know what opportunities provinces offer to migrate to Canada. Find your best path and immigrate.

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PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

BC – British Columbia

OINP – Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

NSNP – Nova Scotia Nominee Program

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