Ontario PNP

Ontario is the most populated province in Canada with over 40 percent of Canadians living here.  Canada’s capital city of Ontario is located here and the country’s largest city, Ontario. Ontario’s provincial nominee program is called the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). Immigration candidates with skills and experience receive a provincial nomination through which they can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The OINP has the following immigration categories:

1.Human Capital Category has two categories – Ontario’s Express Entry streams and the International Graduates streams.

Eligibility requirements

Express entry stream- Candidate must have received notification of interest from Ontario and have an updated profile. International graduate stream- To qualify in either of its two streams- Masters Graduate or PhD Graduate streams- the candidate must have a degree from an eligible Ontario university and apply within two years of getting the degree.

2.Employer Job Offer Category- three streams

  1. Foreign Worker stream
  2. International Student stream
  3. In-Demand Skills stream

Eligibility requirements

Full-time and permanent job offer from an employer in Ontario.

3.Business Category

Eligibility requirements

Candidate must be an entrepreneur from outside Canada looking to implement a new business idea or buy an existing business in Ontario.

Canada offers nearly 80 different PNP programs, some of the popular PNP programs include:

  1. Manitoba PNP
  2. New Brunswick PNP
  3. Alberta PNP
  4. Saskatchewan PNP
  5. Prince Edward Island PNP
  6. Nova Scotia PNP
  7. British Columbia PNP
Notifications of interest issued in 2021 to date    
Human Capital Priorities stream – 2,223    
French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream – 272    
Skilled Trades stream – 338    
Human Capital Priorities stream    
Date Invitations CRS Score Range
2-Mar-21 754 463-467
16-Feb-21 1186 453-467
2-Feb-21 283 466-467
French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream    
Date Invitations CRS Score Range
3-Mar-21 126 455-467
13-Jan-21 146 456-467
Skilled Trades Stream    
Date Invitations CRS Score Range
13-Jan-21 338 434-460
Notifications of interest issued in 2020    
Human Capital Priorities stream – 6,716    
French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream – 902    
Skilled Trades stream – 1,464    
Human Capital Priorities stream    
Date Invitations  
15-Dec-21 668  
12-Nov-21 443  
15-Oct-21 772  
26-Aug-20 703  
29-Jul-20 1288  
3-Jun-20 167  
3-Jun-20 532  
13-May-20 703  
13-Feb-20 486  
15-Jan-20 954  
French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream    
Date Invitations CRS Score Range
4-Nov-20 210 453-470
18-Jun-20 143 424-436
30-Apr-20 307 432-454
9-Jan-20 242 433-472
Skilled Trades Stream    
Date Invitations CRS Score Range
4-Nov-20 516 436-470
17-Jun-20 758 400-436

Steps to Apply

There are three main steps to follow when applying for OINP:

1.Ensure that you qualify

After selecting the stream, you want to apply under, ensure you fulfill all the mandatory requirements for the stream.

2.Apply for nomination by the Ontario government

Apply online, through the OINP e-Filing Portal, this will take two to three hours.

3.Apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence

If your application is successful and you are nominated by the province, you can apply for your permanent residence through IRCC.

Y-Axis can help you with

  • Qualification / Education Assessment
  • Customized Document Checklist and critical document templates
  • Guidance on key documentation requirements

Filing of an online application form to create a profile for Invitation

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