Preparing for Canada visa – What you need to know

Apply for Canada visa

Canada immigration is a process to be understood if you have the desire to migrate to Canada. You essentially have to understand how to prepare yourself to migrate smoothly to this wonderful nation.

Migrants choose Canada mainly for purposes like education and jobs. If you are looking to migrate to Canada, here are some basic guidelines that will help you.

  • The issue of a Canada travel visa to you will not be the final step in entering Canada. The Canadian Border Services will ask questions to which you need to answer honestly and correctly. Being suspicious, irresponsible, or denying or contradicting the documents will lead to eviction.
  • Checking the list of countries not permitted to enter Canada or those who do not have visa exemption or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). If your country is one of the countries in such a list, you should apply for a permit if that is a possibility.
  • Know the types of visas that are applicable in Canada. The 5 types of visas in Canada are work visa, student visa, permanent resident visa, visitor visa, business immigrant visa, and Express Entry program visa. Know the right visa that suits your specific need.
  • If you are going to stay for a limited time, you will be applying for a temporary visa. There are single and multiple entry visas under the temporary visa category. The single-entry visa can be used to enter only once in Canada. After 6 months, the validity of the visa expires and you will have to go back from Canada. With multiple entry visa, however, you can travel in and out of the country more than once.
  • For purposes of immigration, a permanent visa is issued. With different types of permanent visas with different stipulations and charges involved, knowing the right type is essential for you. Some of the permanent visa types are:
    • Investor program visa
    • Family sponsorship program visa
    • Self-employed person visa

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