You can now earn points for being single on your Australia PR


Australia has introduced a new points system as well as a new Regional Visa.

Below are the changes that you can see in the new points system:

  1. If your spouse or common-law partner is skilled, then you get 10 points
  2. If you are sponsored by a State/Territory or by a family member living in a designated area, you earn 10 points
  3. If you have specific STEM qualification, you get 10 points
  4. Single applicants (those who do not have a spouse or common-law partner) will get 10 points
  5. If your spouse or common-law partner has competent English you can get 5 points

Single applicants will be given additional points under the new points system. The previous points system was more advantageous for married people as they could claim points for their spouse’s skills.

Following the advice of the Productivity Commission, Australia has revised its points system. The revision was introduced so that the spouse’s skills could contribute to the score of the primary applicant.

It was pointed out by the Productivity Commission that 50% of the immigration intake consisted of secondary applicants. Although many secondary applicants are not very skilled, a majority of them were highly skilled. They could be big contributors to the Australian economy.

The new points system will benefit applicants who have good English proficiency.

Also, single applicants and applicants who have skilled partners will receive more preference, as per SBS News.

Applicants whose spouse’s do not possess the necessary English proficiency will be ranked lower than the rest.

The new points system of Australia will come into effect from 16th November 2019.

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