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Australia today is one of the most attractive countries to reside in. With exemplary infrastructure, a high quality of life and immigration-friendly regulation, the list of reasons to move here keeps getting longer. To begin with, you have to decide in which part of Australia you would want to live in. You also need to satisfy all the requirements to obtain a visa based on your qualifications. It is, therefore, important that you be aware of all major Australian laws. You, of course, need to show evidence that you have enough financial resources at your disposal as per Australian requirements. You need to possess a skill that would convince the Australian government that your migration will contribute to their nation building. The list can go on, but you need to fulfill all the requirements to immigrate to study, work and reside in Australia. Y-Axis Dubai helps students, professionals and families navigate Australia immigration process as well as supporting them in achieving their goal. With offices in Australia and a dedicated team catering only to Australian immigration needs, we offer you complete support. We are MARA registered agents in Dubai.

  • Australian Immigration

    Free education for children

  • Australian Immigration

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  • Australian Immigration

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  • Australian Immigration

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  • Australian Immigration

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  • Australian Immigration

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Y-Axis Dubai guides students to choosing and enrolling in the best higher education institutions in Australia. With a presence in Australia along with a counseling team here in Dubai, we streamline your journey into the Australian educational system.

List of Visas available
  • Australia Direct Entry Employer
  • Australia Contributory Parent Visa(Subclass 143/173/864/884) Via RMA
  • Australia Employer Nomination Direct (Subclass 186) Via RMA


Australia Visa Dubai, Not only does Y-Axis Dubai help professionals crack the immigration & visa puzzle, but we also help them market themselves to prospective employers. Our Smart Applicant Service helps individuals looking for career prospects in Australia because your immigration case becomes stronger once you have an offer letter in hand.

List of Visas available
  • Australia Skilled Migration
  • Australia Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa


Australian Visa From Dubai, Y-Axis Dubai helps those wanting to relocate to Australia with their families plan and execute this move flawlessly. Our counselors work with you throughout the process and guide you at every step of the way. Once you relocate to Australia, our office there will help you reboot your life there.

List of Visas available
  • Australia Child Visa (Subclass 101/102/802/445) Via RMA
  • Australia Parent Visa (Subclass143/173/864/884) Via RMA
  • Australia Employer Nomination Direct (Subclass 186) Via RMA


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