New report says immigrants’ entry wages highest in 2018

Median entry wage for immigrants reached record level

An interesting finding has come up about the earnings of immigrants in pre-COVID times in Canada. The report from Statistics Canada that was released on February 1, 2021, says that the median wage paid to new immigrants who came to work in Canada was at an all-time high in 2018.

The increase in median entry wages progressed and climaxed in 2018 when it came to $30,100. It had jumped from $26,500 in 2017 and was the earnings of immigrants who entered Canada in 2016.

Nevertheless, the median entry wages for Canadians stood higher at $37,400. Those who arrived in Canada with a Canada study visa and work visa earned the highest median wages. It came to $44,000. Those who held only Canada work visa had a median wage of $39,100 at its highest point.

Among the socio-economic factors that determined the high wages earned by immigrants included work experience before Canada immigration, proficiency in English/French language, and immigration category.

The fact that many immigrants earned higher entry wages stems from the reason that they had completed their study in Canada or had enough work experience before they came to Canada. Refugees who turned into immigrants also had similar advantages.

These immigrants could settle easier and better into the Canadian environment and were paid for being the better choice in more ways than one for Canadian employers.

High entry wages were also determined by the country the immigrants came from. Economic immigrants from the UK, the USA, and Brazil earned the highest median wages even a decade after their arrival in Canada.

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